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Argington Logo

Argington is the brainchild of Jenny Argie, a fine artist and Andrew Thornton, an architect and mathematician. Married in 1999, they combined their disciplines in 2002 when inspired by the birth of their first child and formed Argington in 2003, a line of modern children's furniture.

Argington's motivation and passion is family. They begin with their three children, who are the inspiration for each piece and end in the studio where loose sketches start Jenny and Andrew's creative process. Each piece was born out of necessity - a question asked and ultimately, a problem solved.

Argington's designs answer questions that commonly arise in aesthetically sensitive households: How do we build a bunk bed that we can live with? How do we make a high chair that is beautiful and won't disrupt the character of our dining room? Ultimately, their furniture is built with longevity, sustainability and innovation in mind and is strong enough to serve successive waves of toddlers as they grow through their many phases of development.


Mindful that we can no longer act in a way that puts our planet at risk, the philosophy at Argington is to make furniture and bedding conscientiously and to minimize its environmental impact.

Our Woods

Argington's entire line of furniture is made from renewable and sustainably harvested solid birch wood and low VOC birch plywood that is FSC certified.


Argington continues its belief in bringing the very best to your family with E-Zero, a global qualification that guarantees there is 0% formaldehyde emissions in wood products. This translates into safety, health, and a better environment for all.

Our Materials

In addition to environmentally friendly wood, all materials, glues, stains and finishes are HAP free, 100% non-toxic and are low VOC. Dyes used are formaldehyde-free.

Our Fabrics

Argington's line of organic bedding is all-natural and uses 100% certified organic cotton, which means that no herbicides or pesticides have been used in production. The prints are done with low impact dyes that employ an environmentally safe printing process. .

Our Certification

All the products offered in Argington's line exceeds all regulations set forth by ASTM and Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Health Canada..

Our Facilities

The production facilities where Argington's furniture is manufactured employs lean manufacturing systems and techniques that reduce waste and energy, making it an energy efficient environment.