A Letter from the Owner

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"People want to talk poop, I'll talk poop."

A Letter from the Owner

First off, congratulations and thank you for making the decision to cloth diaper your precious wee one. If you haven't yet made up your mind I truly hope that I can be a source of information and inspiration!

My inspiration: Baby #2 in Gro Baby

A disclaimer: I am obsessed with cloth diapers and want EVERYBODY to use them: Better for Baby, Better for the Earth...and what is better than that?!

Did you know that disposable diapers contribute over 1 ton of waste in our landfills - per child? That it takes 1 cup of crude oil to produce ONE disposable diaper? See "Top 10 Reasons to Use Cloth" for more facts.

Starting this business will allow me to educate and spread the knowledge that cloth diapering is EASY and necessary for a cleaner planet for our future generation.

Before my second son was born, I started to explore all the cloth diapering options available to me. I was overwhelmed! It wasn't until I was able to touch, feel, and talk to other moms about their diaper stash that I felt confident in making the investment in a cloth diapering system. It ended up costing me more than it should have, though, because I had to try EVERYTHING! Fitted, All in Ones, Pocket Diapers, Prefolds, All in Twos, Wool, etc. After this substantial investment and hours on the internet perusing DiaperPin.com and a plethora of other WAHM (work at home Mom) websites, I concluded that I just had to start my own business...with a personal touch.

Call me, email me, or - if you are in the Bay Area - meet me for a play date and I will gladly bestow on you ALL of my cloth diaper knowledge and help you to make the right decision for you, your partner, your lifestyle and YOUR baby!

Angela Powell