Baltic Amber Hazelwood Necklace 12"

Baltic Amber Hazelwood Necklace

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Amber is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Hazelwood is alkaline and helps neutralize saliva acidity that may cause teething pains, fussiness and irritability.
Ages: 4+ months old
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Amber is known for its natural analgesic and ant-inflammatory properties.

Amber is not a stone, but a resin fossil.

In contact with skin, it releases tiny amount of healing oils that are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Amber beads are a natural remedy against the known side effects die to teething such as: flushed cheeks, skin rash around mouth and neck, diaper rash, swollen gums, fever.

Amber is also beneficial against allergies, nettle rash, arthritis, rheumatism and back aches.

Amber is popular in Europe and Australia and has been known to be a natural pain remedy for centuries.

FAQ (translated from French)

1.When should a baby wear our nice collars?

In general, teething occurs when babies are 4 months old. Sometime those signs will appear sooner. Teething causes pain to infants and long night to parents! At the beginning, your child have to get use to it. After awhile, they actually will not realize they’re wearing the necklaces. Your baby and you will sleep tight, and teething pain should be relieved!

2. How do children and babies wear their teeth collars?

Always make sure the necklace is in contact with skin. Our hazel tree necklaces are therapeutic jewelry. They are not to be compared with teeth rings in which babies would bite.
 Our necklaces are not meant to go in your child’s mouth at any time, under no circumstance. At no time should the hazel tree necklaces reach the mouth. Not to compare with teeth rings in which babies bite. They were not relieving pain due to teeth. In any time should the hazel tree collars reach the mouth.

3. Should the collar be taken off in contact with water?

The efficiency is never altered from contact with water. However, keep in mind that Hazelwood is wood. If the necklaces/bracelets are in contact with water for a prolonged period of time, there is a risk of peeling and a loss of color.The keep the original look, it’s preferable to remove it while in contact with water.

4. What wood should you choose?

People always ask this question. Our hazel tree wood corresponds to quality standards established by our 25 years of experience and perfected knowledge. It contributes to maintain an improved efficiency and a look that people of all ages love. The quality of our necklaces/bracelets is impressive.
The necklaces/bracelets whose wood is too small, uneven in circumference, length and color are not recommended. They are fragile and ugly.
 The hazel tree itself does it all. The pretty beads always embellish a necklace/bracelet but the beads should never exceed the circumference of the wood pieces, because the hazel tree works in contact with the skin. Pendants/stones of all kinds, who exceed the circumference should be reserved to other types of jewelry because it affects the efficiency of the product.
Wood that is darken is almost dead. It also may break easily. The pretty and tall young hazel tree is the best choice. Quebec’s forests are full of these. It is our first and only choice.
You must take notice that it is not all the hazel tree that is good and pretty enough for our standards. We leave in the forest dry and darkened wood.
 We obviously won’t use the same size to make necklaces/bracelets for women, men and teenagers. To each category its size, so that the look will be appropriate and pretty for everyone. 
Many of our important clients wear a necklace and a bracelet when their acidity problem is major.

5. When should the collars/bracelets should be changed?

There is only one simple rule to follow: 
The hazel tree is an alkaline wood when placed in contact with skin whose level of acidity is too high, will darken. The oxidizing process works to neutralize the acidity surplus and also will largely
contribute to balance the organism.
Wood pieces’ ends will overtime blackened. 
When the appearance of the product becomes tainted by acidity, it will be time to change your necklace/bracelet and to get a new one.

Quite frequently, people told us they have removed their necklace/bracelet, believing to be relieved and cured of their symptoms due to acidity, however their problems returned. So please keep it on you at all time.
 May we suggest a healthy diet, rich in anti-inflamatory food, to work hand-in-hand with your Bienfait Noisetier item?

For all people who, like me, like to be close to nature and his derivatives, the hazel tree is an excellent alternative to help and relieve the irritating pain caused by acidity and this, quite
 I get the opportunity to recommend it to people every day and I always receive amazing comments from them.

6. Is it real wood?

Of Course - this is real hazel tree!
 We want to reassure everyone here!
 Be aware of people who use the term “True Hazel tree” or other terms
like that because it is rubbish. Truth pays off…

7. Is it normal if the wood start to peel after a while?

It’s perfectly normal for the wood to peel after a certain period of time. It’s a natural factor and we cannot control this from happening. The effectiveness remains the same because the alkaline properties are in the wood, not the bark.

8. Can I wear your necklaces/bracelets if I have nut allergies?

Over the years, while we had some reports of people allergic to nuts that had had reactions / flare ups due to wearing the necklace-bracelet, other people with same allergies did not. However, for your health and safety, we recommend avoiding the products altogether.

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Clasp doesn't work. March 13, 2015
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Happy with delivery speed and exceptional customer service  but the item on delivery can not stay on as the spring on the clasp is broken. :-(.

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