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October 26, 2012
I've learned firsthand that, when it comes to buying cloth diapers, it is particularly important to seek out a company with great customer service, and BumRite (Angela) provides the best customer service I have ever experienced. At the start of the process, Angela was very helpful in giving suggestions on selecting cloth diapers and guidance on using them properly. When some difficulties developed a few months later, Angela offered many thoughtful ideas on how to the fix the problem. And when the situation ultimately required contacting the manufacturer, Angela was a fantastic advocate for me, and made sure that there was a good outcome. Looking back a year later, I can see that it is because of Angela's help at each step that my experience with cloth diapers has turned out so well. And talking with her has always been a pleasure. I'm really glad I purchased cloth diapers through BumRite, and I enthusiastically recommend BumRite to any new parents.
-Doug B. (CA) via email

October 2, 2012
I am so in love with my GroVia hybrids with stay dry inserts! Not only are they trim fitted for my baby's cubby little legs, they dont leave marks or irritate his thighs. He has never once leaked through or had a diaper rash. We recently moved and now have our own washer and dryer and they have held up to all the rigors of laundrymat washing and are more durable than I ever thought they would be! Thank you for making such a good product!  BumRite Diapers thank you for being my retailer!
-Sara B (North Beach, MD via Facebook)

September 19, 2012
...I knew I wanted to use cloth before my son was born so I did tons of research. I bought our first GroVia Part Time Package. I was so impressed with the quality that I ordered another package so we would be completely prepared. Bumrite has the best package deals! There was a slight learning curve in the beginning and Angela spent an hour on the phone with me troubleshooting. I had not prepped the organic cotton quite enough. These are so reliable and easy to use, they never leak and my husband loves them! My favorite detail is the waterproof backing on the soakers. I love how they cut down on laundry, too. After 20 months of constant use our diapers are showing a tiny bit of wear. Slight pill-ing on the soakers and slight rubbing from the velcro. They are in amazing shape to be used with our second expected in a few months! If you are unsure of which diapers to invest in don't hesitate with the GroVia Hybrids. We've tried others and nothing compares.
-Sarah (Spokane, WA)

August 29, 2012

...Love these diapers (bumGenius Freetime) - they make up 99% of my stash! And working with BumRite was great - my diapers made it to me within 3 days of ordering with a handwritten note thanking me for my patronage.
-Kristen C. (Media, PA)

August 18, 2012
...My son will be 4 months old on August 25th oh how fast they grow! I just wanted to say how great you guys are! I was determined to use cloth diapers and found that I LOVED the GroVia hybrid diapers and after lots of searching found you guys online. So at 5 months preggers my mom bought the big packaged deal, the best price we could find! Well along comes Connor, early and small (in the last 40 years the smallest baby was me at 8.6, Connor 6.2!), so we frantically ordered the GroVia newborns, and at checkout explained the desperate need for smaller diapers. You were wonderful shipping them asap (as usual). This week I bought my second set of swim diapers, fabulous btw. I see they have shipped. I just wanted to let you know that you guys have been an integral part of my son's life since before he was even born! I hope to meet you guys someday when I'm in your neck of the woods! Thanks!
-Heather H (VA now CA via email)

July 17, 2012
...Love the new Flip! shells and inserts! Thank you so much for talking with me on the phone when I had questions. Running a wildlife center I know how surprised, and how much it is appreciated, when a call is answered by an actual person vs a menu machine!!! Since my time as a mom, and a working one at that, limits my opportunities to chat in peace (ie baby is napping!) I was very grateful you are a small company and were there for me! Like you said, the colors are fabulous! I really like the thin material, too, since we live in the Florida Keys...it's hot and humid down here like 360 days a year. :-)
-Kelly G (Florida Keys) 

July 11, 2012
...Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the prompt service and friendly disposition of your company. I cannot wait for my new diapers to arrive. I have been talking about them at work and one of my coworkers would like me to bring one in to show her how they work. If she likes them I will let her know where to buy them for her future grandchildren. 
-Mahala M (NM)

June 15, 2012
...Thank Angela!! You are wonderful. I am a customer for life (or at least as long as I have babies and after that I will have to find some other reason to shop :D)
-Aubrey J. (via Facebook)

June 11, 2012
...I just wanted to say I've been so pleased with your site and service. Thank you! 
-Lisa C. (via email)

April 24, 2012

...I just wanted to say thank you to Angela for leaving a message on a Sunday to answer my diaper care questions. I wasn't expecting an answer the same day, so I really appreciated her calling me and giving me some very helpful information!  She saved me from doing a lot of extra washing that I didn't need to do. Also, thank you to Adrianne for her nice handwritten note on my order. Great company with a wonderful and thoughtful staff!

-Cheri S. (Seattle, WA)

March 22, 2012
...Thank you Angela. Great customer service. I will definitely be a returning customer :-). Thanks again!!!
-Shasta O. (Geyserville, CA)

March 6, 2012

...I wanted to tell you how fast your shipping was! I ordered on Sunday and got my package on Wednesday! So happy, love BumRite!

-Bethany K. (Lapel, IN)

February 13, 2012

...WOW!! Thanks, what great service!! I'll def be sending my other cloth diapering moms to your site!  Can't wait to get them (GroVia) in!!
- Kerry D. (Washington, OK)

January 17, 2012

...I really enjoyed our phone conversation today. Your site is so wonderful and educational. It is informative, you have the very best prices online and when I called with a question you responded so quickly and were so helpful. That was huge for me because I am new to full time cloth diapering and I needed that support! You're doing a great job with your business, keep up the hard work! To Adrianne, your comments on the bottom of my packing slip were so thoughtful and added an excellent personal touch. I love doing business with this company! You're doing a great thing by educating and helping families in this cloth diapering adventure! Your excellent service and passionate personality are going to make your business very successful. Please let me know if I could ever do anything for you.

- Ashley (Huntsville, AL)

January 7, 2011

Angela Powell from Bumrite took the time to answer my questions about cloth diapers. Not only did she show product knowledge but also has personal experience working with cloth diapers. Her willingness to talk to me is big in my book. Thank you for the quality customer service!!! The Elite One size are great because their covers dry very quickly. I also like the inserts which are even softer than original One Size. The wife likes the 14 different colors as well as we bought 24. I'd also recommend the Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper bag.

-Mario I (Austin, TX)

January 5, 2012
My order only arrived this morning...so I haven't had a chance to play with the contents yet, but they look pretty cute! And everything is there in good order.  I was really pleased with the service I received. It was easy to order online, you kept me updated throughout the order...so I'm a happy customer.  Many thanks for running a happy, efficient business. I'll shop again!

December 26, 2011

...Woohoo!! BumRite--the best cloth diaper store out there with the most amazing customer service in the universe--is having a 20% off holiday sale!!! If you're in the market for diapers and/or accessories, you will NOT want to miss out on this deal! And even if you do miss this holiday special, you'll still get the best prices, selection, and overall satisfaction at this store, better than anywhere else, no matter when you shop there. :)

-Kim M. (Friday Harbor, WA via Facebook)

December 19, 2011

...I love my prefolds, too....Thanks so much for the stellar customer service.  I have ordered from you twice and have really appreciated the personal touch you added to each order.  

-Anna R. (Holly Springs, NC)

December 17, 2011

...LOVED the GroVia AIO and GroVia Hybrid diapers we ordered, and am totally ready to make the switch from disposables!! Can't wait to get started once we're back in town, and these will be here waiting for us--yay! You have SUCH a great site! :)  ...Again, I really appreciate your expediting the shipping for me. Thank you!!!

-Kim M. (Friday Harbor, WA)

November 8, 2011

...LOVE my bumgenius diapers and the AMAZING service you always provide! I will ALWAYS do business with you!

-Bethany M. (MT)

November 2, 2011

...love my FuzziBunz purchase and found your website easy to use...Your shipping was amazing, got the package in two days!

-Sandy W. (Medford, OR)

October 12, 2011

...I recently purchased a sale pack of the bumGenius diapers. Baby has not been born yet so I can't comment on the diapers themselves however I would like to say KUDOS to Bumrite for their service!! It was stellar! I had difficulty using multiple payment methods on the website so I called and left a message about the issue. I was stunned when the call was returned later that evening (after hours) and the order was processed over the phone (while she was at the airport)!! I find myself consistently disappointed with customer service these days however I was pleasantly surprised by the effort that was put forth and the efficiency that my order was processed in. Thank you BR and I will definitely be utilizing your services again soon!

-ASC (Charleston, WV)

Sept 15, 2011

...I've just received my second set of a dozen BumGenius diapers! I'm so in love with them! They were all ripped apart and in the washer all within being in the house from UPS within 10 minutes! Ha! I can't wait to exclusively use them instead of disposables! Angela was friendly, funny and so easy to deal with! I will not hesitate to use this website again!

-CAR - via website review

Sept 13, 2011

...I love my FuzziBunz One Size! Bumrite has the best price and was so fast! I will use them again!

-L. Schmidt (Jacksonville, FL)

August 28, 2011

...By the way, I just want to let you know that I love your website!  I'm new to cloth diapering and was overwhelmed by all of the options out there.  The information and reviews you provide are invaluable to someone like me.  I used the birth to potty training package as a guide and have been very happy with everything so far.  Thanks again!!

-Sheena N (Waller, TX)

August 25, 2011

...I received my order yesterday & everything was perfect!  I'm impressed with how quickly my order came.  My daughter & son-in-law were so happy with the bum genius diapers & can hardly wait to get started using them.
I'm going to recommend you to all my friends! Thank you!
-Jill S. (Gresham, OR)

August 13, 2011

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I love this website. I bought my first set of BumGenius back in February and just recently purchased a few more. Not only do I love the cloth diapers, but I am so happy I found such a great online company to order them from. I recieved my diapers in record time both times with such a sweet note from the owner. Great customer service and great products. If I ever need anything else, I will definitely come here first! thanks so much!

-Lindsey W (San Diego, CA)

July 27, 2011

...Thank you for your help - ...a great company and we LOVE these diapers (bumGenius 4.0).  I can't tell enough people (this is our third child and we used disposables for the other two - I am a convert!)

-Maura B. (Wynnewood, PA)

June 16, 2011

Wow! Impressed on how quick and efficient this online company is :). I will definitely be ordering my next batch of diapers from your company!
Thank you,
-Kelly C. (N. Tonawanda, NY)

May 31, 2011

...AWESOME customer service!

-Marie C. (Ranson, WV)

May 22, 2011

...The (BumRite) website is great too, they called me the same day I placed my order to fix an issue and make sure my entire order arrived quickly.

-Anne T. (Stratford, CT)

May 18, 2011

Thank you for your help!  I love your business.  Your website convinced me cloth diapering was the way to go...

Anna M. (Chicago, IL)

May 13, 2011

...Now the diapers and wipes are in the wash and the cloth inserts are waiting to be washed 6 times. Now if I could only catch the cat and put her in a diaper to show her off to satiate my excitement for new diapers and need for a model...I have been waiting since week 7 of my pregnancy to get the Birth to Potty Training package. I have waited 34 years to have a baby to avoid things like gross diapers and messy babies, and I have had the time to get excited about all the new ways to make changing a diaper seem more interesting than the worst thing in my day. I am now looking forward to the act of poop scooping and washing diapers. Your website made it seem possible to be excited about diapering. Thank you Angela.

Holly T. (OH)

May 11, 2011

...I just wanted to thank you for your advice on products and also the prompt and professional delivery of my order.

Lisa F.

May 2, 2011

I had such a great experience with BumRite Diapers back in January. I spoke with Angela and she was very helpful on information between the different diapers. It was nice to speak to someone who has experience with cloth diapering. I chose the FuzziBunz one size diapers. Angela was so sweet on the phone and was patient with all of my questions about FuzziBunz and my order. I had lots of colors to choose from since I chose to purchase the 24 pack which was awesome. During my processing, it was nice to just chat with her about every day life also. I feel the BumRite diapers staff has some of the best customer service out there. So friendly and VERY FAST with ordering and delivery. I have referred a few friends who are in need of purchasing cloth diapers as well. Did I mention they were the cheaper too :) I will be purchasing from them anytime I need anything for cloth diapering. Thanks for such great customer service!

-Heather F. (MN)

April 28, 2010

GroVia diapers are amazing! I used every brand of take and toss diaper out there until my son was 6 months old and my sister told me how bad they were for the environment. My husband and I looked into your diapers and saw how affordable and cute they were AND eco-friendly! What's not to love about these diapers! We got them in and they are functional, breathable, and my son gives them two very tiny thumbs wayyyy up for comfort. The more you look into these products the more sense it makes to get them....All of them. We also switched to the re-usable wipes, which have also saved us a lot of money. The wipes fit right into our wipes warmer and you only need one to get the job done.  After adding up the cost of our diaper pail, refills, wipes and diapers over the past 6 months we could have bought all of your products twice and been ten times as happy and have felt much better about our minimal impact on the environment ( Like we do now). Thanks so much for awesome products that keep our little ones bottoms and mother earth in mind!

-Erica H.

April 12, 2011

Thanks so much for the fantastic customer service :) I will not hesitate to order my supplies from you in the future and pass the name of your website to all of my mommy friends :) have a great day!

-Hannah (Post Falls, ID)

March 24, 2011

Just wanted to say a quick Thank You! I had such an awesome experience doing business with you. You are an inspiration to small biz owners. Keep your Fluffy side up!

-Sarah G (Hamden, CT - via Facebook)

March 9, 2011

I've bought my wonderful GroVia diapers from BumRite Diapers. I absolutely LOVE Angela and her blogs on the website are such fun to read. Her site alone helped me learn and love cloth diapers! I love and encourage buying locally, there is something so comforting about it!

-Chrystal A (Alamo, CA - via Facebook)

March 9, 2011
I'm new to cloth diapering and Angela @ BumRite Diapers was so amazingly helpful in making me a convert. I chose to buy a LIVE IT package of GroVia from her simply because NEVER once did she pressure me to buy from her storefront, she shared honest info and helpful tips on how to get started- after a 40 min. phone call I went from being frazzled to dazzled with cloth diapering!! Thanks BumRite for the much needed pep talk, fast shipping and AWESOME support new mama's appreciate sooo very much! LOVE GroVia dipes!
-DaleNieu (via Facebook)

March 7, 2011

I received our diaper package today!  Wow, that was fast!  And thank you for the short cut instructions on prepping!  I am working on that tomorrow :)
Your suggestions for our bumGenius (night time diapers) were perfect!  Thank you!
-Emily R. (OH)

Mar 2, 2011

...I was constantly checking my shipping tracking to see if my order arrived... and finally, I received it yesterday! I can't tell you how excited I am... I washed them last night and today my baby is in her new bumGenius! loving them!!! We are so excited about the switch from the other brand (gdiaper) to the BG and super excited about the new switch to cloth wipes... :) Thank you so much for your time over the phone, you really make an impression.  It is not very common to get superb customer service, even more rare for an online store... your personal touch to leave a personal note on my package, was just great! I'm going to follow your suggestion and avoid the aquafor :) Thanks again and I will be placing another order real soon!!!

-YCY (Atlanta, GA)

Mar 1, 2011

...Thank you so much Angela! I will only be buying diaper supplies from you from here on out! Thank you for the great service!!!

-Amber B (Calhoun, GA)

Feb 28, 2011

...Thank You sooooo very much for your help today on the phone.  I am telling all my new mama friends about your AMAZING customer care.. Makes all the difference in the world! You ROCK!

-Jenifer M (Kodiak, AK)

February 23, 2011

...I've bought three big sets from you, and it was worth it! Thank you so much for all the incredible information and wonderful products! You made switching to cloth easy and no-hassle! I can't wait to get my last order and be set for life!

-Amber S (via Facebook)

February 22, 2011

...I love your website!  You sell all my favorite brands of cloth diapers!

-Amber B (via Facebook)

February 19, 2011

...I started off about 3 months ago using cloth, i started with prefolds and some whisper covers. not my cup of tea. My diaper kids are almost three and just turned 1. i wanted to start a huge stash to use with them and possibly others in the future. I bought the BumRite Birth to Potty Training package and wow when you say it has everything it really does!!! not only do i love the ease and convenience of the gro via system but i have become a fuzzi bunz fanatic. Thank you so much for selling great products that u use and love at great prices (and i have looked).

-Katie J. Fairborn, OH

January 24, 2011

...Bumrite and Angela are divine diapering resources! I feel so blessed to have been gifted with an in-person consultation with Angela, who helped get us off to a great start with Grovia and Thirsties. She spent time sharing her learnings, products, and how to's that helped my husband and I select the right products for us as first time parents. She shared personal tips that were eco-friendly and which we have found success in implementing at home. Thank goodness for BumRite!

-Natalie and Luke (Napa, CA)

January 21, 2011

...You are so nice and have such great peoples skills, I give you two thumbs up!  I'm so excited I can't wait to open my Diaper Dim Sum package, I'm constantly checking my tracking number in hopes they ship it faster than usual. Once again, thanks for your wonderful customer service. I know who to count on when I need anything for my baby's bum ;-)

-Anna G. (Texas)

January 20, 2011

...I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service. I'm happy to know the babylegs will be getting to you soon and I'm in no insane rush for them but am super excited! I recommend your site to everyone, and will keep doing so....

-Stephani B (Jacksonville, NC)

January 20, 2011

...I will definitely recommend you...Your service has been brilliant!
-Georgie J. (Williamstown)

January 10, 2011

...i recently wanted to order a 6-pack of diapers from bumrite and called in to see what colors may be in stock. i was connected within 2 rings to a REAL person who was super nice and answered all of my questions that i had. then, i realized i could paypal - which makes my life a ton easier! way to go bumrite...i will be back!

-Amy N. (Jackson, MS)

December 9, 2010

...just received my order (the second in a month!) and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the diapers and especially with the great customer service you've provided.  Thanks so much!  You've gotten these - much needed - Happy Heinys pull-ups and all here so quick.  That was great to just stuff it all into a flat rate box to get it here quickly....I don't think I'll be ordering any more diapers for a little while, I think I've spent enough on them for one month ;) - but I'll definitely keep BumRite in mind for the future and I'll happily recommend it too!
Thanks again, we really appreciate it!

-Katie B. (New Market, VA)

December 3, 2010

...I'm so glad I found your site! You've been such a huge help to a FTM and FTCDing Mama. I've been recommending your site to everyone!!! Thx again! 

Tiffany (VA)

November 30, 2010

...I also wanted you to know that I really enjoyed speaking with you last night.  I posted on my facebook how refreshing it was to do business in such a personal way and that you didn't require getting the diapers back before shipping the next ones out.  So I posted all of your business info on my facebook.  I also asked my sister to be sure to order from you.  She's due with her first baby in 3 weeks and plans to use cloth diapers.

Erin (RI)

November 28, 2010

...Found some green mountain free and clear-one wash-smell gone! Thank you so much. I would have just kept using Dreft! Again, your service is wonderful.

Lesley M (Amarillo, TX)

November 25, 2010

Just wanted to tell you how AWESOME your "Cloth Diapering 101" section is! I'm new to the CD world and I found your site incredibly informative and helpful.- especially the laundry part.  Keep up the great work! ...Thanks so much. You have a great website!

Susan V (PA)

November 16, 2010

Keep up the good work - BumRite kicks ass (if you don't mind me sayin')...

Mandy H (Bay Area, CA)

November 15, 2010

...You have impressed me with your customer service!  Once I figure out what brand of CD I like, I will be coming to you to build my stash!  :)
Taina (Cincinnati, OH)

October 28, 2010

Awesome!  Thanks so much!  Love the products!  And thanks for the super fast shipping!  Will let my friends know about your company!!!!!!

-Carolyn A (Tampa, FL)

October 20, 2010

Thank you so much! You are so nice and so helpful! I will definitely shop with you guys again!
By the way, the diapers are extremely cute, and... you were right... the GroBaby is the easiest cloth diaper system I have used thus far. I've switched to cloth diapers and am not going back :)
Thank you for making my transition to cloth diapering a smooth one!

-Anya (Hopkinton, MA)

October 17, 2010
HUGE kudos and thanks to Angela @ Bumrite diapers. Amazing customer service! Helpful and efficient. Always there to help me, answer all questions and take care of any problems I've had. She runs a quality business. I highly recommend her! Oh, and shes an awesome gal to boot! Thanks again, Angela! You rock!
-Christine L. (Napa, CA) via Facebook

October 12, 2010
Nice site! You had everything I wanted and the best prices on indian prefolds I could find.
-Melissa E. (Elk River, MN) via Facebook

September 14, 2010
Love this company! We got our infant to toddler package a couple days ago....it looks so user friendly and its amazing that this package is all we will hopefully need until the little guy is potty trained. Chief Bum you go above and beyond and I couldn't be more thrilled with the service! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-Veena C. (Bay Area, CA) via Facebook

August 30, 2010

...No suggestion here- I just wanted to thank you for your website! I am only bummed that I found it after I placed a large order with another company. Your honest and complete answers in the how-to and the "great questions" section are awesome! I just wanted to say thanks and hope that I will be able to do business with you or at least refer some people your way. Thanks again!

-Stephenie (Portland, OR)

August 27, 2010

...I would love to have more (GroVia) and I did receive phenomenal service from bumrite......I would definitely buy through her again (and we only live about an hour from Napa...so even better...I'm supporting an almost local WAHM).

-Genoah (BabyCenter Cloth Diaper forum)

August 19, 2010

...gosh, i love BumRite...9 months ago if you would have told me that BumRite would be one of my favorite online shopping places i would have said you were crazy, but now I'm making my birthday list from the website!

-Misty B (Barton, MD)

August 17, 2010

...GroBaby/GroVia are wonderful diapers and BumRite is a fabulous company.

-Amanda W (WV) via Facebook

August 12, 2010

...Thank you for your awesome customer service.  Looking forward to ordering more diapers soon!

-Diane S. (Groton, CT)

August 3, 2010

...I just want to say how awesome Angela and BumRite's customer service is! Thank you so much for taking care of me! You rock!

-Diane S. (VA)

August 2, 2010

...Bumrite is awesome! I agree the customer service is the best I have ever had. The products I ordered were of great quality, and packaged so well so they arrived to me perfectly AND fast! Angela was awesome and when I spoke with her was extremely helpful, friendly, and thoughtful. I will do all of my CD ordering from Bumrite. I tell everyone whom wants to start cloth diapering this is the site to order from--not too overwhelming, and you can't beat the one-on-one service!

-SweeneysIndigo via DiaperPin

August 2, 2010

...i absolutely LOVE bumritediapers. they have everything i need. and they always have decent deals that don`t brake the bank. the shipping is very fast and cheap. if i have any questions Angela...is very helpful and emails me back right away. ive had to return and exchange an item once and it was a very smooth a fast turn-around. ive bought my daughters cloth diapers from many different websites at first but ive noticed recently that lately i go right to bumrite when i need to make any purchases.

-SubLowe via DiaperPin

July 30, 2010

...Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service!...talk about fast shipping!  Prepping now and can't wait to use them!!

-Allison S. (Elk Grove, CA)

July 26, 2010

...Just wanted to let you know the diapers (ordered Saturday) arrived here in Florida Monday morning!!! What a great surprise. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. Thanks for all.

-Barb S (Florida)

July 22, 2010

...This was my first time ordering from Bumrite and I could not be more pleased. I have worked at a 5-diamond, luxury hotel for years and have almost always been disappointed with customer service elsewhere. However, Angela was amazing and definitely went above and beyond and gave that 5-diamond experience! She took the time to walk me through cloth diapers and answered each and every question. My diapers arrived yesterday and I cannot be more excited to make the switch from disposable to cloth and I know if I do have any other questions or concerns; Angela will be there for me!

-Amy G  (Worthington, OH)

July 15, 2010

...Before I forget, I just want to say how much I appreciate your service.  You have a good business going and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family interested in cloth diapering.

-Elizabeth (Roseville, MN)

July 1, 2010

...oh wise and chief diaper bum one :-)...I can tell you one thing, I will be a bum rite diapers customer until we are finished with diapers! We are adopting 2 more children so I am no where near that point. But, oh are the kiddos worth it!!!

-Jenn (San Antonio, TX)

June 29, 2010

...We are really excited to become customers since your website seems to be the most user friendly out of all that we have seen offering cloth diapers. Thanks so much...

-Jessica (Kansas City)

June 14, 2010

...Anyway, thank you again so much. You are a pleasure doing business with. The next time you're out this way, let me know, I'd love to buy you a beer! : )

-Briana (NoCal)

June 14, 2010

...My son is heavy wetter and I mean heavy...I was going to give up...I found an amazing woman who helped me figure out what would work best. Angela from bumrite really helped me figure out what I needed. I am a happy CDing mommy now.
-Posted on BabyCenter by ErinandRandy

June 2, 2010

...Thanks again for the excellent customer service and products. I would have never thought about cloth diapering if my friend hadn't run across your website.

-Erin N (Sacramento, CA)

May 31, 2010

...Wanted to tell you how much I love your website!!! :) I have been using cloth for about 20 months and have looked at tons of sites. So sad that I just now found yours! It's so easy to understand the different diapers and I love your explain of why to use cloth, the different kinds, etc. Would have been so helpful when I started this adventure! :) I have been raving about your site to some friends in hopes of "converting" them to cloth. They are still in the "thinking about it" stage. We'll see what they decide.   

-Megan (Sacramento, CA)

May 28, 2010

...Thank you to you!!!  You rock!! Your great service and advice makes taking the leap to cloth diapers exciting vs scary.

-Jeramiah (Petaluma, CA)

May 19, 2010

...I am blessed to have found this site; it is the best of its kind (and believe me, I have looked.)  Still full of questions, I called Angela for a consultation; who was patient and helpful.  
We decided to invest in the BumRite Birth to Potty Training package.  It has been great!  I appreciate the convenience of a package rather than to piece-meal everything.  So far I am very pleased, and will do all my cloth diaper shopping through BumRite!  Thanks again, Angela.

-Laura N (WI)

May 18, 2010

You guys were so GREAT to work with! I am a very particular customer and you gave above and beyond customer service!!!! I loved all of the communication I received throughout my entire order process. Thanks!

-Chantilly K via Facebook post

May 3, 2010

I recently bought some GroBaby items from Bumrite, First time shopping on the site. I wanted to take advantage of the sale to switch over from gDiapers to GroBabies. I just wanted to say thanks for such incredible customer service! I haven't experienced customer service like that in a very long time! I will definitely shop your site again!

-Allyson (NYC, NY)

April 2010

Angela, you are the best. LOL. You have definitely lived up to your title, Chief Bum, tonight! I love learning all these new things as well. Thank you so much for being the best cloth diaper resource. xoxox

-Lauren (CA)

April 2010

Just a quick thank you. Your customer service is absolutely excellent. I feel really great about buying from someone who really believes in the idea of cloth diapering and wants to help others with the transition. Customer service is so important and this has been a great experience. Thanks again!

-Laura D (Mexico/Ohio)

Mar 2010

My experience with Bumrite has been overwhelmingly positive. Very good prices, amazingly speedy responses to enquiries, and customer service that is far over and above what I would ordinarily expect from an online retailer. I bought my entire stash of diapers from Bumrite, and am delighted that I did. I had a small issue with a few of the diapers in my stash, that turned out to be a manufacturing flaw. I contacted Angela at Bumrite, thinking that it might have been my care of the diapers causing the problem, and she was super helpful, contacting the manufacturer and arranging a speedy replacement for me, keeping me informed the whole way. Whenever I need diapers or other diapering supplies in future, I will not hesitate to go directly to bumrite, and recommend all my friends do the same.

-Mel C (Melbourne)

Feb 2, 2010

Angela suggested this Joey-Bunz to me when I explained that my almost 2 year old daughter was a heavy wetter at night. This works great! My husband and I layer this Joey-Bunz on top of a cotton prefold, Clover Velour prefold or Baby Kicks Hemp/Fleece prefold at night and we never have a problem with leaking. Some of my girlfriends have heavy bedwetters too and Angela has helped them as well. Thanks Angela.

-Jillian (Napa, CA)

Jan 16, 2009
...Thank you for such good service......I'm sorry to say we did contact other stores before you.....however no one answered their phone.....Yes, we left messages and one place said they would not be able to ship until Monday and just to expect it to arrive sometime next week.....well, due to your good service we will tell everyone about you...and when some of these stores called back we just said.."So sorry you didn't answer your phone" ...We did not use your name to other dealers....but I do thank you for being so kind...

     -Geri (East Bay, CA)

Jan 15, 2009

...The diapers and wet bag arrived today!! Thank you so much for the Tiny Bubbles free laundry detergent samples!! I am so happy they are HE and I will get to use them! Thanks again for your great customer service and communication!! I will be ordering from you again very soon!!
    -Jessica  M.

Jan 11, 2009

...Your website has been really helpful for the new mom trying cloth diapers.  It has lots of helpful suggestions and accessories as well as information about each type of diaper.

     -Jessika (AZ)

Nov 2009
I love this site. They carry all the colors in HH and FBs. The prices are the same as everywhere else, but the costumer service is out of this world awesome. Its owned by a mom. She actually ran out of a color I wanted the day before and the owner called me up personally to ask what other color I would like or if I would like to wait till the color came back in. She called because she wanted to get my order out that day so I would get it sooner then to wait for a email response and I thought that was above and beyond. I will not buy from any other site! I even got my order the next day. Im telling all my cloth diapering friends about her! She also carries hemp inserts, bumgenius, gro baby and many others. She also offers the same deals that you can get straight from the company (like the buy 9 get $40 from FB). SHE IS AWESOME!
-Anon (Berkeley, CA)

Nov 9, 2009

...you and your company and your customer service are amazing!!!!!

     -Napa convert                                             

Sept 19, 2009

...It was a good week thus far with the cloth diapers, and I never could have done it without you. You were an amazing help to us and B's bottom and I are both eternally grateful...

    - Pediatrician and Mom (Napa, CA)

Sept 7, 2009
Last night was my husband's first night to use the cloth diapers. He actually called me while I was out to tell me how much he liked them! I cannot believe we didn't make the switch sooner...we could have been saving thousands of dollars!

   - One happy mama!!!! (Washington State)



Sept 7, 2009

Angela is amazing! I diapered our first two children in disposables and felt guilty with both of them. We just adopted our daughter from China and I thought I would look into cloth diapering. When I contacted Angela I really did not know anything about cloth diapering but she set me up...and I could not be happier. She talked me through every step (and even called me at home to talk options through) and we are now easily diapering our daughter. Both my husband (who was a skeptic) and I are loving using cloth diapers and feel so good about our choice. It was Angela that made it all possible!!!! Her customer service goes WAY beyond...if you are considering cloth diapering, choose Bumrite!!!!

  - One happy mama!!!! (Washington State)