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Why we love cloth wipes:
  • You are already using cloth diapers - it's not any more intimidating!
  • Throw these soft cloths in your diaper pail along with the diapers and wash together. No more wondering what to do with the disposable wipes.
  • Keep your hands cleaner while wiping
  • Control what cleansers are used on your baby's delicate skin
  • Save an additional $300-$500 (depending on how many disposable wipes you use from birth to potty training).

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FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes Knickernappies Baby Bum Drops
FuzziBunz WonderWipes 10 pack
BumRite Price $14.95

FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes Organic Cotton / Fleece Double sided wipes 6 Pack
Leave Behind Clean
A convenient, natural diaper wipes solution for your cloth wipes! FuzziBunz® Wonder Wipes Organic Cotton / Fleece Double sided wipes 10 Pack
Leave Behind Clean
bumGenius One Size Sampler
bumGenius Sampler Package
MSRP $88.55
BumRite Price $80.00
Heard of bumGenius? We bet you have!

Here is your chance to try ALL of bumGenius' One Size diapers in one simple to order package.

5-6 Diaper Changes!

bumGenius 4.0 pocket
AIO Organic Elemental
AIO Stay Dry Freetime
AI2 FLIP with 1-3pk stay-dry or 2 organic* inserts

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