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(courtesy of bumGenius, updated Feb 2014)

You’ve made the choice to cloth diaper, selected your favorite style and purchased your diapers. Now you’re probably wondering “What’s Next?” We want to help ensure that you have a successful cloth diapering experience, so we wanted to share a few insider tips.

Babies often have sensitive skin. When urine mixes with residue left behind by detergents, it could cause rashes or other issues for your little one.

Laundry detergents that may work well for your family or baby’s regular clothes may not work with cloth diapers. Dreft, Ivory Snow and even store brand ‘baby detergents’ are common recommendations for children’s clothes, but we do not suggest these for cloth diapers. These detergents often have added scents and fabric softeners.

When washing cloth diapers, always use a detergent that is free of perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes, or other fabric enhancers. These ingredients can cause skin sensitivities, premature wear of your cloth diapers, and other issues.

Want to find a recommended detergent without having to decipher ingredient lists? We want your cloth diaper journey to be as stress-free as possible, so we compiled a list of some laundry detergents that fit our recommendations:

All Free and Clear Military Version** Allen’s Naturally* Claudia’s Choices*
Country Save* Ecos Free and Clear* Lulu’s In The Fluff*
Mountain Green Free & Clear* Mountain Green Free & Clear Baby* Nature Clean*
Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda* Planet Ultra Liquid Planet Ultra Powder Standard & HE compatible
Planet 2X Ultra Standard & HE Tiny Bubbles* FuzziBunz Complete Laundry Care System***

* HE compatible
** Note: All Free and Clear military version is available on or near military bases; other free and clear versions have brighteners.
*** BumRiteDiapers' opinion

Detergent Tips: 1. Powdered detergents are best dissolved completely before adding to the washing machine. 2. HE compatible generally refers to a low sudsing detergent. A detergent rated HE certified has been certified for use in a High Efficiency washing machine. 3. Detergents are now highly concentrated. It is important to accurately measure your detergent amount and not just “eye-ball” it.