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Nook Organic Knitted Blanket FuzziBunz® Concentrated Stain Therapy The New Clothesline Company LOFTi
Nook Blanket
BumRite Price: $74.00
50% off Clearance $37.00
You save $37.00!
FuzziBunz Complete Cloth Diaper Care System
BumRite Price $52.80
Package Discount $47.50
You save $5.30!

The New Clothesline Company LOFTI - GREEN
BumRite Price: $79.99
You save $31.99!

The just-right knit of Nook's breathable, 100% certified organic combed cotton blanket is not too tight, not too loose.

Keep your cloth diapers beautiful! PreWash, Ultimate Wash, Stain Therapy, Strip Rx

SAVE 10% When You Purchase the Complete FuzziBunz¨ Cloth Diaper Care System

With over 22 linear feet of hanging space, LOFTi easily handles the largest load of laundry. Then lifts it up and out of your way!
NaturePedic Organic Mattress Protector Pad - CRIB
Argington Organic Crib Quilt
BumRite Price: $79.00
You save $29.00!
GroVia Hybrid Vs AIO Package
List Price: $67.84
BumRite Price: $60.00
You save $7.84!
A lovely addition to the Crib Set is our Crib Quilt.

Protect that perfect CRIB mattress!
Great for co-sleeping, too. (protects YOUR mattress)

You may find you like the ease-of-use of the All In One, or the flexibility of the Hybrid, or even a combination of both!

The GroVia Hybrid vs. AIO Package includes:

  • 1 Hybrid Diaper Shell
  • 1 All In One Diaper
  • 2 Organic Cotton Soaker Pads
  • 1 20 Count Pack of BioSoaker

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BumRite Diapers GroVia Try package bumGenius Diaper Sprayer
GroVia Accessory Package
MSRP $73.10
BumRite Price $65.00
You save $8.10!
GroVia Experience Package
MSRP $71.80
BumRite Price $66.00
You save $5.80!

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer
BumRite Price $69.95


1 GroVia Magic Stick

24 GroVia Reusable Cloth Wipes
2 GroVia Diaper Pail Liners
1 GroVia WetBag
bumGenius Diaper Sprayer (optional)

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Try our Best Selling GroVia diapers!

2 GroVia Shells
4 Snap-In Soaker Pads
The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer by Rinseworks:

1) post-partum cold water bidet-like "aaahhhh"
2) diaper poop sprayer
3) baby potty cleaner
4) Microfiber Mop cleaner-outer
GroVia Hybrid Economy Package bumGenius One Size Sampler
Argington Organic Crib Bumper
BumRite Price: $98.00
You save $23.00!

GroVia Hybrid Economy Package
MSRP $82.85
Starting Price $75.00
You save $7.85!
bumGenius Sampler Package
MSRP $88.55
BumRite Price $85.55
You save $3.00!
Add softness and style to your Argington crib.


  • 3 GroViaŽ Shells
  • 12 Size 1, 2, 3 or 4 Prefolds

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Heard of bumGenius? We bet you have!

Here is your chance to try ALL of bumGenius' One Size diapers in one simple to order package.

6 Diaper Changes!

bumGenius 4.0 pocket
AIO Organic Elemental
AIO Stay Dry Freetime
AI2 FLIP with 1-3pk stay-dry or organic* inserts

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NaturePedic Waterproof Protector Pad

Protect that perfect Twin, Full or Queen mattress!