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FuzziBunz® Cloth Diaper Care System

FuzziBunz has been among the industry leaders of modern cloth diapering products since its birth in 1999. In the last 14 years there have been many debates about the “proper” way to wash modern cloth diapers, prevent odor and correct the dreaded “repelling” problem so many users seem to experience.

Finally! A solution to the diaper washing dilemma!

Introducing the FuzziBunz Diaper Care System

All FuzziBunz Diaper Care products work together as a cloth diaper cleaning system.

• Extra clean diapers with no residual odor causing bacteria (Prewash + Ultimate Wash)
• Prevent and diminish stains (Stain Therapy)
• Repelling Treatment (Strip RX)

The entire FuzziBunz Diaper Care system is FREE of:
• Dyes • Fragrances • Enzymes • Parabens • Phosphates • Phthalates • Nitrates • Sulfates • BTA • Caustic and other harsh chemicals
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FuzziBunz® Cloth Diaper Pre-Wash Treatment FuzziBunz® Concentrated Stain Therapy
FuzziBunz® Complete Cloth Diaper Care System
BumRite Price $52.80
Sale Price: $47.49
You save $5.31!


Powder Detergent

Laundry Booster for Extra Clean Diapers! HE compatible

Keep your cloth diapers beautiful! PreWash, Ultimate Wash, Stain Therapy, Strip Rx

SAVE 10% When You Purchase the Complete FuzziBunz¨ Cloth Diaper Care System

FuzziBunz® Concentrated Stain Therapy FuzziBunz® Strip Rx FuzziBunz Ultimate Wash
FuzziBunz® Strip Rx 4 oz.
BumRite Price $12.95


Keep your cloth diapers beautiful!
Remove fresh stains and effectively treat stubborn ones

Residue Remover and Oops fixer for optimal cloth diaper performance

One Small Bottle Lasts up to ONE YEAR!

From Diapers to DenimsÑPerfect for the entire family

2014 CUSTOMER REVIEW: After using the FuzziBunz detergent system a few times I
can say I'm in love with it!!! From prewash to hanging dry I have a
smile on my face knowing they are clean and smell wonderful. In fact, I
am able to cut down on some of the cycles I was doing before which makes
me one happy cloth diaper mommy. I highly recommend this system to any
mom or dad who is fighting the stinky diaper battle! - Ashley, via