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Fuzzibunz Accessories Kit FuzziBunz Perfect Size Pocket Diaper on Sale Fuzzibunz FIRST YEAR Adjustable Diapers (6-24 lbs)
FuzziBunz Accessories Kit
Regular Price: $66.85
Save 10% on this package: $59.50
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Fitted Cloth Diaper
Starting Price: $15.95
CLEARANCE - 20% Off - Starts At $12.76

FuzziBunz FIRST YEAR Adjustable Diapers (6-24 lbs)
Regular Price: $17.95
CLEARANCE - 25% off! $13.46

FuzziBunz Mess-Free Hanging Laundry Bag FuzziBunz Organic Cotton-Hemp Inserts 2 pack
FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail
Regular Price: $16.50
CLEARANCE - 25% off! $12.34

FuzziBunz 3-ply Organic Cotton-Hemp Diaper Inserts 2 pack
Starting Price: $13.00

FuzziBunz WonderWipes 10 pack
BumRite Price $14.95
25% off - CLEARANCE $11.21

FuzziBunz Zippered Diaper Tote FuzziBunz® Strip Rx FuzziBunz® Concentrated Stain Therapy
FuzziBunz Zippered Waterproof Tote
Regular Price: $9.95

FuzziBunz Strip Rx 4 oz.
BumRite Price $12.95
CLEARANCE - 25% off! $9.71

FuzziBunz Concentrated Stain Therapy 4 oz.
BumRite Price $10.95
CLEARANCE - 25% off! $8.21

FuzziBunz Nursing Pads
FuzziBunz Nursing Pads - 6 pack
Regular Price: $11.95

FuzziBunz MicroTerry Inserts 3pk - Toddler (Md/Lg)
BumRite Price $9.95
CLEARANCE - 25% off! $7.46
FuzziBunz Diaper Totes with Zipper Closure - White
BumRite Price: $7.25

We often hear this comment from our customers, "HELP! I am new to modern cloth diapers and want to buy FuzziBunz, but I don't know which style to choose!"

Choose FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diapers if:

  • You want a truly trim fit
  • You want those uber-cute newborn clothes to fit over a cloth diaper
  • You want quick and easy adjustments via waist and hip snaps
  • You're not a huge fan of the "fluffy butt"
  • You plan to have multiple children in diapers at the same time
  • Available in Newborn (5-12lbs), Small (7-18lbs), Medium (15-30lbs) and Large (25-45lbs)
  • Available in all 6 beautiful prints and Pure white.

Choose FuzziBunz® FIRST YEAR Adjustable Diapers (6-24lbs) if:

  • Your baby is a newborn or still in the belly
  • You enjoy a trimmer fitting diaper without a lot of "poof"
  • You want to get your money's worth out of a "newborn" diaper.
  • Your children run on the smaller side
  • Available in all 6 beautiful prints and 7 coordinating colors

*you may have to purchase additional FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium (15-30 lbs) or Large (25-45lbs) to make it though to potty training.

Choose FuzziBunz® ONE SIZE Adjustable Diapers if:

  • You are beginning your cloth diaper journey and have a 3-6 month old/or 75th percentile baby
  • You really want a diaper that lasts through potty training
  • Your children potty train late
  • Available in all 6 beautiful prints and 7 coordinating colors
*you may have to purchase Perfect Size newborn or disposable diapers to begin using the larger ONE SIZE Adjustable.


Perfect Size FIRST YEAR Adjustable (6-24lbs) ONE SIZE Adjustable

18 Newborn; 18 Smalls; 18 Mediums

+ 12 Med or Large Perfect Size



+ $215.40-$227.40
for additional Perfect Size diapers to get to potty training.


+ the cost of disposables or newborn
perfect size to fit into our ONE SIZE Adjustable Diaper

No matter which style you choose, you are going to SAVE money, your baby's skin and the planet. On average, you are going to change your baby's diaper 7,000 times from birth to potty training. At $.25 each (on sale!), you can plan to spend $1,750 PER CHILD on disposable diapers.

Add reusable FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes and save an additional $700! ($.05/each, 14,000 wipes)

SMART IDEAS by our customers

"...FuzziBunz seem to fit longer and are the best for Dad and the babysitter--plus the colors are so cheerful!"
-Amy, Reviewing FuzziBunz Perfect Size

"...Angela Powell from BumRite took the time to answer my questions about cloth diapers. Not only did she show product knowledge but also has personal experience working with cloth diapers. Her willingness to talk to me is big in my book. Thank you for the quality customer service!!!

The Elite One size are great because their covers dry very quickly. I also like the inserts which are even softer than original One Size. The wife likes the 14 different colors as well as we bought 24. I'd also recommend the Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper bag." -Mario