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GroVia AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper - New Style GroVia One Size Diaper Shell GroVia Bamboo Prefolds
GroVia Newborn AIO - New Style
BumRite Price: $14.95
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GroVia Hybrid One Size Shell
BumRite Price: $16.95
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GroVia Bamboo Prefold 3/pk
Starting Price $8.95
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4 colors to choose from!

55% Bamboo | 45% Organic Cotton

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GroVia Leggings GroVia Pail Liner GroVia BioSoakers 20ct
GroVia Rock-A-Thigh Leggings - Regular One Size
BumRite Price: $14.95
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GroVia Pail Liner
BumRite Price: $15.25
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GroVia Biosoaker 20 count One-Size
BumRite Price: $10.99
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GroVia Cloth Wipes GroVia MyChoice Trainer Side Flex Panel Kiwi Pie Pull on Wool Cover by GroVia
GroVia Cloth Wipes
BumRite Price: $10.95
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GroVia My Choice Side Flex Panel
BumRite Price: $3.95
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Kiwi Pie Pull on Wool Cover by GroVia
Starting Price $39.00
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Our ultra soft baby terry wipes are gentle enough for baby's face yet perfect for cleaning the messiest bums.

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Customize Color and/or Add a Size to your GroVia trainer.

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*Newborn AIO - Topaz
When we set out to design our hybrid diaper system, we focused on making it as easy as possible for more families to diaper their babies naturally. Over time, we have found that the simplicity and flexibility of our hybrid diapers appeals to parents looking for a fun, fashionable, and earth-friendly alternative to disposable diapers. Not to mention how cute your baby will look when wearing them! ~GroVia

BumRite Diapers is one of the Top 8 Retailers of GroViaŽ Nationwide!

SMART IDEAS by our customers

"...My stash consists of all GroVia diapers; today at a baby expo I finally got to see and feel first hand some other popular brands for cloth diapers (there's no cloth diaper store where I live). 
It really proved a point for me that although GroVia might be just a tad more expensive than those other popular brands you really are paying for superb quality. There was no comparison, especially in the quality of the shells. I am soooo happy we use GroVia!"
-Paulina 2/25/14, via Facebook

Our tiny Grovia AIO stash all pre-snapped to go to daycare as pull-up trainers! These have become our go to more and more as the imp has gotten older because snapped loosely they not only stay up but he can push them down by himself and use them as trainers! They don't just last "until potty training" but through potty training!"
-Tory, via Facebook

"...I use just about the entire line of GroViaŽ products (AIO, Hybrid, Newborn AIO, and the My Choice Trainers, plus the BioLiners, BioSoakersŽ, cloth wipes, wetbags, and pail liners) and I've never been let down. They have something for every stage we've gone through and have never failed us! ...All of the GroViaŽ diapers are much trimmer than other cloth diapers I've tried out and best of all they fit my skinny legged baby who all of a sudden became a chunky legged tot....

"...GroviaŽ AI2's have been one of the first diapers we used. I was reading up on diapers that fit well on skinny legs and waists, and would not create a huge bum on baby. Quickly I found GroViaŽ. I got a few hook & loop and a few snaps closing diapers and started prepping the soakers and boosters. After a few washes they were ready for baby. Amazing fit on our baby (by now 15 months)! I loved the hook & loop; especially for a small baby and still now it's convenient for a baby that does not stay put for a second during diaper changes. The hook & loop is different to most other brands; it is still working well after a year of use. Even more than the cotton soakers, I love the boosters. I like their shape; so narrow that they are very trim when added to a diaper. Plus they are great in any other diaper as well - even the smallest pocket diapers.

-Holly T. 5/13/2011, Reviewing the BumRite Birth to Potty Training Package

After a while I got a GroViaŽ AIO and I have to say these are one of the trimmest diapers we own, even trimmer than the AI2! I really like their fit and how you can get any type of pants or jeans to fit with them. Baby's bum is comparable to one diapered with disposables. Love the fact that GroviaŽ is using organic cotton. The legs of the AIO sit tight, yet we don't get red marks. The side snaps need a bit of getting used to but allow that great fit. The AIO with an added booster is my favorite when we leave the house. With GroViaŽ on baby, we always get positive feedback in regards to the cuteness factor from other moms and friends. Recently, I had a problem with the leg elastic on one diaper. The customer service has been great. Very quick and professional.

-Susanne W. (via Facebook) 4/12/2012, reviewing GroViaŽ Hybrid AI2 and AIO reusable diapers

Cloth Hybrid BioDiaper