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When we set out to design our hybrid diaper system, we focused on making it as easy as possible for more families to diaper their babies naturally. Over time, we have found that the simplicity and flexibility of our hybrid diapers appeals to parents looking for a fun, fashionable, and earth-friendly alternative to disposable diapers. Not to mention how cute your baby will look when wearing them!

Hybrid Diapering System: Choose Washable or Disposable
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BumRite Diapers Birth To Potty Training Package GroVia One Size Diaper Shell GroVia Soaker Pad 2pk on sale
BumRite Birth to Potty Training Package
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GroVia Hybrid One Size Shell
BumRite Price $16.95
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GroVia Soaker Pads - Organic Cotton, StayDry Hemp, No Prep
Starting Price $16.95
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Just put this on your Baby Shower list and stop obsessing about this part of getting ready for your new little addition.

What will your family do with all the extra cash?

This Package = $525 Disposables = $2,375

Choose from 3 different textiles:

Stay Dry Hemp
Organic Cotton

GroVia Stay Dry Organic Cotton Booster GroVia BioSoakers 20ct BumRite Diapers GroVia Try package
GroVia Stay Dry Booster
BumRite Price $10.50
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GroVia Biosoaker 20 count One-Size
BumRite Price $10.99
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GroVia Experience Package
MSRP $69.80
BumRite Price $64.00
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3 layers of thirsty Organic Cotton topped with buttery soft 100% Polyester Fleece to keep baby feeling dry The GroVia BioSoaker¨ is a perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go. Use when on vacation, at day care, or running errands.

Works well in any waterproof cover.

Try our Best Selling GroVia diapers!

2 GroVia Shells
4 Snap-In Soaker Pads
BumRite Diapers GroVia Part Time package GroVia Hybrid Economy Package
GroVia Part Time Package
MSRP $209.40
BumRite Price $196.99
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GroVia Hybrid Economy Package
MSRP $82.85
Starting Price $75.00
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GroVia Hybrid Vs AIO Package
List Price: $65.84
BumRite Price: $59.25
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Our Best Selling GroVia Package!

6 GroVia Shells
12 Snap-in StayDry Soaker Pads


  • 3 GroVia® Shells
  • 12 Size 1, 2, 3 or 4 Prefolds

Save 15% on this package

You may find you like the ease-of-use of the All In One, or the flexibility of the Hybrid, or even a combination of both!

The GroVia Hybrid vs. AIO Package includes:

  • 1 Hybrid Diaper Shell
  • 1 All In One Diaper
  • 2 Organic Cotton Soaker Pads
  • 1 20 Count Pack of BioSoaker

Save 15% off individual product pricing on this package!

BumRite Diapers GroVia True Hybrid Diaper package GroVia Hybrid First Steps Package on Sale BumRite Diapers GroVia Live Package
GroVia True Hybrid Package
MSRP $303.22
BumRite Price $294.95
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GroVia Hybrid First Steps
List Price: $41.89
BumRite Price: $37.70
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GroVia Live Package
MSRP $427.80
BumRite Price $385.00
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Get going with a True Hybrid Starter Package

6 GroVia one size shells
18 GroVia snap-in soakers
100 GroVia eco-friendly BioSoakers
Package includes:

  • 1 Hybrid Diaper Shell
  • 1 - 2pk NO PREP, Stay Dry, or Organic Cotton Soaker Pads
  • 1 20 Count Pack of BioSoakers
Save 15% off individual product pricing!

GroVia Live It Package!

12 GroVia Shells
24 GroVia Snap-in Stay Dry Soaker Pads (organic cotton or NO PREP Microfiber optional)
2 2-pks of GroVia Stay Dry Cotton Boosters

GroVia Leggings
GroVia Rock-A-Thigh Leggings - Regular One Size
BumRite Price $14.95
30% off - Clearance: Final Sale $10.50
You save $4.45!


Our Legwarmers Rock! GroVia has teamed up with Rock-A-Thigh Baby to bring you these exclusive leggings. Available in 4 unique styles.

Who needs pants?

Our adorable leggings make diaper changing a breeze and keeps legs warm. Made from 100% "pre-consumer" recycled yarn, right here in the USA.


"...I was fortunate enough to work in a daycare before I had my baby so I was able to see a lot of different brands of cloth diapers in action and GroVia is my favorite BY FAR. None of the others seem to hold up as well or are as easy to use (even in a daycare environment). The snaps are super easy to snap on but hard for baby to take off (thankfully)! My husband doesn't even mind changing our little one. I paired these with the organic cotton inserts because don't seem to hold odors as much as the stay dry ones do (though they do stain a little easier but sunning them gets any stains right out). Thank you GroVia for making such a stellar product..."

2 minute video showing the ease of cloth diapering with the GroVia Hybrid System

BumRite Diapers is one of the Top 5 Retailers of GroVia® Nationwide!

A happy GroVia® Hybrid customer! 4-23-12

Excerpts from a Facebook contest in April 2012. Here are some of the reviews people posted about their GroVia® Hybrid System (aka All in Two/AI2)

SMART IDEAS by our customers

...GroVia® is reliable. Especially on the go. I don't have to worry the entire time I'm out if my son is going to leak. Since we live 20 minutes from any real stores it makes my life so much easier.
Stephanie B.

...I love the convenience of being able to choose if I want to use the cloth snap in liners or the bio liners for on the go. I have about 10 AI2's that I used with my first child that do not look worn at all, they will be perfect for the next child that we are expecting soon. The quality is astounding! So glad that I'm having another kiddo so that i can still buy the fun new prints that have come out since my daughter has been toilet trained.
Cori M. S.

...We were using a different cloth diaper for our daughter when our son was born. Someone had gifted us a GroVia® and we instantly fell in love. Now that is the only diaper we'll use. We've never had a blow out, and they're daddy friendly :) We plan on using GroVia® from now on!! GroVia® makes cloth diapering a cinch!
Jen H. S.

...GroVia® is the only cloth diaper I will use. They are leak-proof, reliable and super cute. I have a 23 month old and a soon to be newborn and love that I do not need to worry about buying different sizes. One and done!
Stacy E.

...We have been using GroVia® AI2s since our son was a few weeks old. I work full time and I wasn't sure if we would be able to keep up with cloth diapering. The GroVia® system is so easy to use that we have had no problems.
Helen K. H.

...My favorite Hybrid diaper covers are GroVia's.® I currently have 4 One-Size covers in owls, airplanes, and trees. They are adorable! The legs and back are gusseted for fit, and the inside is lined. I find that these covers tend to stay dryer and do not smell like urine as quickly. This is especially nice since you can't just take a wet wipe to them like the PUL covers. They recommend that you change the cover every two changes, but I find that I can use one for most of the day if no BM waste gets on them. On days where he wets more than usual, I will change them more often. (My review is continued here) Janell B.H

GroVia® AI2s are the BEST cloth diaper system out there! Daycare, grandparents and others all report that they are super easy to use. They have held up really well over the last year (we have about 22 shells and 30 liners in rotation), when some of the liners started to fray (in the leg gussets) around month 10 the company shipped me BRAND NEW ones! The shells dry quickly and if you change them every other or every third time they never have a urine smell. The shells bleach out nicely in the sun, and have never had the amonia smell that some pocket style diapers with microfiber inserts (fuzzibunz and bum genius) I've tried quite a few other brands and nothing is as good as GroVia. I do like fuzzi bunz with hemp inserts for over night though...
Anna B.

...I love the snap in liners, and love the stay dry the best. I love the adorable prints and for us the snap closure was it, no worrying about velcro in the wash. I love the snap and grow option to minimize how many shells we had to purchase. We also enjoyed very much the newborn AIO's. What a breeze for our new little dude. We also love the GroVia® magic stick it keeps his buns protected and nice and baby soft. The stay dry soakers are a must as well for heavy wetters especially overnight, and the option of bio liners in the go relieves the need for convenient.
A12's all the way! The shells dry so fast.
Jessica B.R.

I love how compact the GroVia® AI2's are! The soaker pads especially take up less space in our diaper bag, the wet bag and on the clothes line. For that reason they are perfect for on the go. I love how the shells can be used with pre-folds, disposables, or about any other insert too- gives you a lot of versatility.
Joanna S.

...So far (8 week old has only been in cloth for 2 weeks), the Grovia® A12 is the preferred option in our stack. In fact, I just ordered 3 more covers and 3 packs of stay dry inserts. I love that the liners snap in. IMO, this is a major oversight of some of the other A12 brands. I also really like that the covers can be reused several times and the throw away insert option. I have the hook and loop and the fit is pretty good, but I ordered some snaps to try too. My only "complaint" is that the stay dry inserts do seem to take longer than others to dry. I put them in the dryer with my pocket diaper inserts and they come out damp, so then I put them on the rack overnight. Not a major issue.
Caroline W.

...The GroVia® Hybrids are a great investment and are great for outings. I love how you can fit the wet bag, two or three snap in inserts, and an extra shell in the same amount of space as two AIOs! I think the Stay Dry Inserts are superior to the Organic Cotton for my boys. For one dollar more you get twice the absorbency! That's a good deal. And the Stay Dry Boosters keep my littlest dry all night! I was surprised how easily the poo is sprayed out the Stay Dry Inserts too. My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and his potty training is really delayed. Out of all the hours of research I decided on using the GroVia® Hybrids as a trainer. Then my one year old can use them too. The advantage for this is that I can snap out a lightly soiled insert and put another one in. I also fold the GroVia® Bioliners in thirds the short way and it leaves no poo on the insert. I was so worried that his confidence would be hurt bc he was wearing a diaper like his baby bro. Instead, he climbed up into my lap, wrapped his arms around me and said, "Mom, I love my new training pants. I feel like a big boy." I was so proud of him and touched by his innocence. This is the most cost effective way and cleanest way i have been able to find to train a child with special needs. I can't wait until my littlest is ready to train so I can try GroVia Training Pants! The only thing I wish is that GroVia® made the diaper in a special size for larger kids or offered extenders so my eldest could wear them longer. He's already on the last setting :).
Jennifer N.M.

...As a new, first-time mother, I am thrilled with the ease of the GroVia® hybrids...and the reliability! After two weeks (and $40+) of blowouts in disposables, we moved into the GroVias® and had no more blowouts/leaks! We've used the Stay Dry and Organic Cotton inserts, but the fact that I don't even have to sun bleach the Stay Dry ones - they come out of the wash without any staining - makes them my absolute favorites! For less than I would have spent on disposables in 6 months, I have my stash set...and I've shown myself how addicted I am to my GroVia® hybrids by having their new prints be the first things I've ever pre-ordered in my life!!
Stephanie K.S.

...,I have used Grovia® since the day our baby came home from the hospital. They are the best system out there. They are super cute, fit well and I have never had a problem with rash or build up with Grovias®. I am sad that before I know it my little guy will be potty trained. I plan to keep my stash for my daughter when she starts her family. I have turned a lot of my friends into the Grovia® system. I wish I would have found it 5 kids ago :)
Kellie M.W.

...I love cloth diapering, but my child care providers did not like the systems I had. They found prefolds and flats to be too complicated. I purchased some Grovia® AI2s and the babysitters couldn't be happier. They find them easier to use than disposables and are in live with the cute prints they come in! Athena J.

...We have twins B/G and have been using GroVia® for a long time. They are 2 yrs old as of this month. We started using them when they reached about 6lbs but worked better after they reached 7lbs. We mostly use the AI2. They work great, are very absorbent. We have two kinds of soakers the tpu backed and the non tpu. Both absorb great but the tpu is nicer because the shell doesn't get wet. The boosters are great too but we rarely need them, the main soaker is sufficient. The shells also work great with prefolds. I prefer snaps but the aplix can be a faster and easier to use and get on fast but it's also easy for an unclothed baby to get off. I like the AIO for the diaper bag more compact, easy to pack, no assembly needed, but I find it a bit less absorbent. We love our GroVia®!!
Karen P.S.

...We have fast become a Grovia® family. We adore the AI2s! Super trim, dad-friendly, cute, durable, leak resistant and fully adjustable. I have a few other diapers in my stash, but they rarely get used any more. In fact, we are going to purchase more Grovia® inserts and shells so we don't have to use anything else. That said, the shells also work well with prefolds inside (but I find I have to change the cover more frequently than I might with a snap in insert. The disposable inserts are amazingly absorbent, trim, and have great coverage. Great for long trips out when it is i convenient to have a wet bag. For our little guy's shape and Dad's big fingers, we like the Velcro closures best. Finally, we tried the other leading hybrid diaper brand but found the system to be much more work and rather leak-prone.
Nicole C.

...I was already in love with my GroVia's® for a number of reasons with my 30mo old. Then we had a new baby and I feel in love all over again. The ability to go out with two kids in diapers and only have to pack one type of diaper and just the snaps is priceless! I cannot believe how really ONE size they are. I love the cute prints, great fit and the fact that I can just switch out the inserts. I also really adore the fact that GroVia is using natural fibers. My little guy has super sensitive skin and I feel confident in using GroVia® inserts.
Rachel B.