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BumRite Birth to Potty Training Package
BumRite Diapers Birth To Potty Training Package

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BumRite Birth to Potty Training Package includes:

  • 9 Best Bottoms AI2 One Size Diaper Cover
  • 24 Best Bottoms Stay Dry Inserts - Small
  • 18 Best Bottoms Stay Dry Inserts - Large
  • 2 Best Bottoms Overnight Inserts - Large
  • 2 Planetwise Reusable Diaper Pail Liners
  • 1 Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry Bag
  • 1 CJs 2oz Diaper Balm
  • 20 FuzziBunz Cloth Wipes

BumRite Price $428.25
Always 10% off! $385.00

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Details BumRite Experience

We put these products together for the parents that want a simple, complete, top-quality package that will take them from birth to potty training and that includes all of the necessary accessories that will make your cloth diapering experience a breeze.

Here is what is included in this package - and why we chose it:

9 Best Bottom One Size Ai2 Diaper Covers (reg $16.95 each)
Newborn poo is runny. The Best Bottom Cover will hold it in, but it may get on the shell. That is why we put so many shells in this package: longevity and runny-poopy-ness. Expect to go through at least 6-8 shells in one day in the beginning. The good news? You can spot clean them on the fly with a cloth wipe!

Depending on your usage and laundering, you may need a few more shells down the line. But - by then, you will be addicted to cloth diapers and maybe even a little excited to buy the next new print/color.

If you plan to cloth diaper from 8+ pounds on, you need enough shells to keep in rotation 1) for mitigating laundry chores 2) longevity.

Snap In Best Bottom Microfiber Inserts (24 Small, 18 Large) (reg $11.85/3)
These will be your most washed, most used GARMENT (remember this) in the next 3 years. Each insert has been commercially wash-tested to last 200+ washes. You may need to add a few packs of extra inserts or added absorbency later on depending on your particular baby's wetting habits - but it is always nice to get new fluff. Keep it in mind, but don't worry about it now.

Why did we skip the medium size? Economics. Smalls are recommended for 'birth to 14 pounds' and Larges for '16+ pounds'. Your baby will grow fast! So - we skipped the Mediums and opted for longevity and increased absorbency capacity. Dry baby = Happy Parents. SLEEP. You can always buy additional sets here.

Snap In Best Bottom Overnight Inserts (2 Large)
When baby starts to sleep more - you need more absorbency!

20 FuzziBunz Cloth Wipes (reg $14.95 each)
Throw your wipes and dirty diapers into your trash can lined with a pail liner.
We chose the FuzziBunz Wipes because they are simple, soft and absorbent. Use 1 to clean. 1 to dry.
We toss our clean wipes into a basket next to our changing table. No folding. We simply dip a wipe into a solution of boiled water, tea tree oil, and a mild soap that we keep in a wipe warmer. We cheat and use Knickernappies Baby Bum Drops to make our solution.

Cloth wipes clean SOOO much better than disposables. They will also save your another $300. AND your hand stays cleaner with cloth!

Planetwise Reusable Diaper Pail Liners (reg $16.50 each)

These aren't fancy - but they do the job and have held up well over the last 3 years of constant use! Line your diaper pail with this washable, elastic-topped waterproof bag. When full, simply grab the bag and haul to your washer. No drips on the floor! No need to touch those dirty diapers! Dump in diapers into the machine by pushing the bottom. Toss in bag. Wash together. You need 2 because you will continue to change diapers while the first is in the wash. You also want these to last...

1 Planetwise Medium Wet/Dry Bag (reg $21.00)

Carry your wet and dry items in the same bag! Clever snap handle for easy carrying or attaching to your stroller.

1 CJs BUTTer Spritz (reg $12.00)

With so many options and so much confusion about WHICH, exactly, diaper wetness barrier is safe for cloth diapers, we included one in this package to alleviate some anxiety. This is a big purchase and you don't want to ruin the diapers' absorbency by choosing a non-cloth-friendly ointment. We also love the scent and convenience of the CJs Spritz - no fingers in the bum!

Diaper Sprayer (optional, highly recommended)
Highly recommended. At the beginning, you don't need to spray off the "solid" poos. But when you introduce solid food, poop transforms. It must be discarded into the toilet. The diaper sprayer is a wonderful appliance for helping those peanut-buttery, sticky excrement into their rightful place: the toilet. We'll be using this accessory even after diapering. It makes a great personal shower (aka bidet), easily rinses out the potty training bowl, etc. Thankful for our sprayer.

Cloth Diaper Accessory Package
Package Price $99.00

Cloth Diaper Accessory Package

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 9 Write a review.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
new to the cloth diaper world January 21, 2015
Reviewer: Emma Beckemeyer from Napa, CA United States  
Having had no idea where to start with the cloth diaper world I was very happy to know there was a package like this out there!
My goal was to start potty training my 2 year old and then also be ready for when our new baby would be arriving in August. I wanted something cost efficent and easy to use.
For our family the bumGenius Diaper Sprayer is a MUST! It makes the cleaning poopies much easier and as long as you don't turn the water pressure too high it will save you lots of time and effort.
The diaper pail liners and tote are also great products.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
New and Exciting January 21, 2015
Reviewer: Laura from Denmark, WI United States  
My friend let me borrow her stash of cloth diapers.  She owns BumGenius, and it was a good introduction into the world of cloth diapering.  My husband and I decided to invest.  I am blessed to have found this site; it is the best of its kind (and believe me, I have looked.)  Still full of questions, I called Angela for a consultation; who was patient and helpful.  
We decided to invest in the total package- it has been great!  I appreciate the convenience of a package rather than to piece-meal everything.  
So far I am very pleased, and will do all my cloth diaper shopping through BumRite!  Thanks again, Angela.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
I love love love BumRite!!!!!!! January 21, 2015
Reviewer: katie johnson from Fairborn, OH United States  
I started off about 3 moths ago using cloth, i started with prefolds and some whisp covers. not my cup of tea. My diaper kids are almost three and just turned 1. i wanted to start a huge stash to use with them and possibly others in the future. I bought this package and wow when you say it has everything it really does!!! not only do i love the ease and convience of the Best Bottoms system but i have also become a fuzzi buns fanatic. Thank you so much for selling great products that u use and love at great prices( and i have looked).

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Super Impressed January 21, 2015
Reviewer: Leslie M. from Amarillo, TX  
Caroline's navel has finally healed so we were able to make the switch from regular cloth fold diapers to our grobaby last evening! They are still a little big around the waist (she is a small fry) but work great! What a wonderful product. So far so good but just the fact that I am not changing a diaper ever 15 min is simply wonderful and coupled with the CJs stick it seems to wick away the moisture and i did not have an extra soaker last night. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have a friend who is having triplets and wants to cloth diaper so I am sending her your way. Thanks again!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
The Perfect Combination January 21, 2015
Reviewer: Karli from Missouri  
We love this package. The Best Bottoms are convenient and fit well in our diaper bag since we are always on the go. The wet bags are great and really do hold in everything. We received the FuzziBunz wipes and they are super soft, and we end up using one wipe rather than four or five disposable ones.  The CJs BUTTer stick gets rid of any sign of irritation by the next diaper change. The only thing bad about the package is that it includes everything, so I can't talk myself into buying more diapers and accessories because we "need" them.

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