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HABA Percussion Set
HABA Percussion Set
BumRite Price $35.99

Fantastic for little rhythm fans, these instruments make it easy for them to play and accompany simple songs.

1-2 years


At the core of our corporate philosophy are children.


We want our customers to be satisfied. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on outstanding quality of both products and services.


The owners of this family company identify with the social market economy. Only companies which work towards obtaining profit safeguard their futures. We take the word “social responsibility” seriously. Both in terms of social benefits for our employees and relationships with partners.


We stand by our hometown, Bad Rodach. As long as it makes commercial sense we will work towards maintaining and increasing jobs in Bad Rodach.


Employee identification with the company is very important to us. Only motivated people can give their all. This is why we provide every one of our employees with opportunity, irrespective of gender or nationality. Only by considering the ideas of all our employee when it comes to ongoing projects and plans do we stay miles ahead of our competitors.


We are striding courageously into the future. The path to success involves the duty of making innovation an on-going priority. This applies as much to the company’s development in terms of technology and organization as it does to the products.


We accept our responsibility for the environment. This applies to the use of materials, the use of energy and to the upkeep of our natural surroundings.


We play fair. Fair with our partners, fair with our suppliers and competitors. We seek success – but not at any price.