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Why Choose Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen: The OriginalKlean Kanteen: the Original Stainless Steel Bottle

In 2004 Klean Kanteen® introduced the first personal hydration bottle made from stainless steel to give health and environmentally conscious people an alternative to plastic. We have yet to see another bottle company, stainless or otherwise, that makes a product comparable to our high quality, handcrafted bottles or that commits to strong environmental and labor standards.

SMART IDEAS by our customers

"...Did you know that the Avent bottle lids fit these perfectly, and so do Avent bottle nipples and Mam bottle nipples? There are also a lot of other types of Avent sippy spouts that can be used with them. Oh, and when your kids get older, these are great for the bottle holders on bicycles, too! I can't rave about these bottles enough!"

-Christine S., Reviewing the Klean Kanteen 12oz Sippy

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It's the healthiest, safest bottle you can buy.

Our bottles have always been made from toxin-free materials, with large-mouth openings and rounded corners and threads so they're easy to clean. We also offer all-stainless cap options in all bottle styles.
  • Toxin-free materials
You never have to worry about the materials in a Klean Kanteen®. Toxin-free materials: We did the research for you and selected high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel for the bottles and BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5) for the caps. Quality stainless steel doesn't need a liner like aluminum bottles, so it doesn't retain flavors or make drinks taste funky.
  • Curvy corners and rounded threads
It's easy to clean our bottles because they were intentionally designed with radius (rounded) corners. The bottle doesn't have any sharp edges or hard angles where dirt or bacteria can hide. We also use large, rounded threads that are easy to scrub out so dirt, bacteria and germs don't get stuck in the threads of either the bottles or the caps.
  • Functional large-mouth openings
You can handwash our bottles or throw them in the dishwasher. Either way, the large-mouth design of both the Classic and Wide bottles makes it easy to keep them clean and sanitary.
  • 100% stainless environment
All Wide bottles have a cap with stainless steel on the inside so drinks never touch plastic. You can order all-stainless caps for Classic bottles as accessories too, an option you won't find from other brands except Klean Kanteen® imitations.
  • Flavor free
The food-grade stainless steel we use doesn't need to be lined with plastic or baked-on epoxy like aluminum bottles, so you'll never have to check to make sure the inside of your Klean Kanteen® is still safe and intact. Because our bottles don't have a liner, they don't retain flavors or make drinks taste funky either.

Klean Kanteens are handmade and designed to last.

When you buy a Klean Kanteen® you're getting a handcrafted bottle designed to last a lifetime. We use an extremely high quality metal that will remain stain and rust resistant for decades.

Klean Kanteens are Made to Last
  • Handcrafted quality
Every Klean Kanteen® is made from pieces of stainless steel welded together by hand then electropolished for a smooth, shiny finish.
  • Made to last a lifetime
The walls of Klean Kanteen® bottles are noticeably thicker than most copycat brands. It's a well-researched balance between weight and durability, so they don't dent easily. If you take care of your bottle, it can last a lifetime.
  • Stainless forever
Not all stainless steel is the same. We make our bottles using an extremely high quality metal so our bottles stay stainless and shiny forever.

We don't greenwash. Klean Kanteens really are eco-friendly.

Klean Kanteens® are made to be refillable and reusable so you'll never need to buy water in a plastic bottle again. The bottle itself is also 100% recyclable, and in keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Klean Kanteens® are manufactured responsibly in China at factories that are committed to strong environmental and fair labor standards.

  • Refill, reuse, reduce
Refilling and reusing your Klean Kanteen® instead of buying drinks in single-use plastic containers keeps thousands of plastic bottles from entering the waste stream.
  • Klean in China
We work with our manufacturing partner in China toward achievement of strong environmental standards put in place to protect the earth, water and air and to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.
  • Fair labor standards
We visit our factories regularly, sometimes unannounced, to make sure that the workers who handcraft each Klean Kanteen® are treated well and paid fairly. We require fair labor standards, including the ethical treatment of factory workers, child labor rules, wages and benefits, health and safety.
  • Fundamentally friends
We partner with a number of likeminded organizations including the Breast Cancer Fund, NatureBridge and Healthy Child Healthy World—organizations working to bring about environmental and social changes we support. We're also a proud member of 1% For the Planet.

Not all Bottles are created Equal