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Happy Baby. Happy Bums. Happy Planet.

Cloth diapers have come a long way since our mamas and grandmamas used them on us! No more complicated folding. No more pins. No more plastic covers.

Your baby will use 9,000 diapers between the age of 1-4.

Your baby will spend 20,000 hours in their diapers. Just ask yourself: would you like to spend that many hours in underwear made of petroleum, paper and sodium polyacrylate? Ew.

Cloth diapers can save you up to $4000 per child. Not a typo. Four. Thousand. Dollars.

Budget. Health. Cute. Environment.
There are so many reasons to cloth diaper. Many families choose it for different, and multiple, reasons. Here at BumRite, we've cloth diapered 1.5 children and tested almost every diaper on the market. We are highly selective in what products make the cut to be sold at BumRite because we want to make sure you are only purchasing the best. We also test each and every product sold on our site so that we can educate you inside and out on how each product performs and works with others. That and we just couldn't help ourselves - be warned! Cloth diapering is addictive stuff.

Learn more here on the top reasons to choose modern cloth diapers.

We get it. Choosing cloth can be overwhelming. Many people think they are interested, start researching and then quit because they get overwhelmed by all the choices. If you start feeling anxious, confused or this just isn't for you, hang in there! Walk away from the internet and Call us. Email us. Let us work one on one with you in a personalized consultation so that you can get the perfect system for your baby. BumRite Diapers offers custom consultations and you can even rent a trial package before committing.

Click to Listen to a Radio Interview Explaining Cloth Diapers
Click the image above to stream a 14 min Radio interview on local Napa radio station KVON 1440. The interviewer opened up saying, "Welcome, Angela" - and I said, "Welcome!" right back. NERVES. But I settled in.

This interview answers a lot of questions about modern cloth diapers. I hope that I made a good argument about the Economical, Ease (of use), and Environmental benefits of using modern cloth diapers. We had a lot of fun doing it, too! Thank you,
KVON radio, for choosing was established in 2009 by a mom wanting to promote the use of wash-at-home modern cloth diapers that leave a baby's bum, the Earth and the parent's wallet in perfect harmony! is part e-commerce, part mom-support.

The website, Facebook page and blog aim to educate the public on the benefits of using the new, modern cloth diaper: Easy (to use), Environmentally Friendly, and Economical. has shipped cloth diapers all over the USA and World. Customers from around the globe are figuring out that cloth is best. And EASY. These aren't your grandmother's cloth diapers!