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GreenSprout Food Mill
Eco Lunch Tray
BumRite Price: $14.00
Eco Lunch Box Three In One
BumRite Price: $25.00
GreenSprout Food Mill
BumRite Price: $16.00
Say goodbye to plastic and paper plates! Won't break when tossed to the floor! Say good-bye to squished sandwiches and baggies!
BPA free! Make fresh, homemade purees for baby from fruits and steamed veggies with our simple hand-operated Baby Food Mill.
GreenSprout Bamboo Bowl GreenSprouts Silicone Freezer Tray GreenSprout Silicone First Spoon 2pk
GreenSprout Bamboo Bowl
BumRite Price: $11.00

New! Petroleum free! Bamboo is a natural, antibacterial surface. Made from renewable resources. 6 oz. (177 ml). Not dishwasher safe.

PVC and nitrosamine free! Freeze fresh homemade baby food for later. Tray holds (15) 1 oz. cubes of puree that, once frozen can be stored in other containers so the tray can be used again.

New! Nitrosamine free! Silicone spoon is soft on gums. Comfortable grip is perfect for baby's first feeding spoon!
GreenSprout Silicone Baby Toothbrush GreenSprout Collapsible Silicone Colander GreenSprout Baby Food Storage Cubes

A safer way to let your baby enjoy chewing on a toothbrush!

Nitrosamine free! Keep baby's teeth and gums clean and healthy. Toothbrush with bristles. Silicone coated polypropylene.

Rinse and steam fresh, homemade baby food with one handy utensil. Unique design allows Steamer/Strainer to collapse for storage. Heat resistant up to 425F. Silicone. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Holds 28 oz/800ml.

BPA free! Freeze or refrigerate fresh homemade baby food for later. Tray holds four 4 oz. cubes of pur_e. Lids interchange with Glass Freezer cubes and snap securely for easy-to-go storage. Tray is stackable with glass or polypropylene cubes.
GreenSprout Baby Food Storage Cubes
Klean Kanteen 12oz Sippy
BumRite Price: $16.95

Freeze or refrigerate fresh homemade baby food for later.

8-2oz stack-able cubes
Perfect for the transition from Bottle to Sippy. 

9-18 months

Contoured, hourglass shape is designed for small hands, and the wide mouth allows for easy cleaning, pouring and filling.
Klean Kanteen 12oz Sport Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint
Klean Kanteen Nipples-2pk
BumRite Price: $6.95

Choose the perfect flow rate for your Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel baby bottle.

15+ months Faster Flow than the Sippy

Won't break like glass pints. Won't fill the garbage can or landfill like the ubiquitous red cup.
PlanetWise Sandwich Wrap
BumRite Price $7.99

PlanetWise Sandwich Bag
BumRite Price $7.99

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

FDA Food-Safe Plastic

The perfect solution for no-waste lunches!
Reusable Snack Bags

FDA Food-Safe Plastic

Great alternative to plastic baggies
Waste-free lunches
Replaces aluminum foil & plastic wrap
Planetwise Convertible Lunch Bag Wean Green Tubs
Wean Green Lunch Cube 2pk
BumRite Price: $17.99
Wean Green Tubs 2pk
BumRite Price: $10.99

Make it a No-Waste lunch and keep 67 pounds of garbage out of our landfills, per child, per school year!

Wean Green lunch cubes - perfect for older kids or bigger portions (16.5oz)

Pack of 2

Wean Green tubs - perfect for young kids, small portions, or side dishes  (5.1oz)

Pack of 2

Wean Green 7oz Snack Cube - 2 pack
Wean Green Cubes 4pk
BumRite Price: $21.99
Wean Green Bowls 2pk
BumRite Price: $10.99
Wean Green 7oz Snack Cube - 2 pack
BumRite Price: $10.99

Wean Green Cubes - the perfect storage for baby's first foods! 

Pack of 4

Wean Green bowls - perfect for second step baby foods or side dishes like fruit salad or applesauce in lunches!
(5.6 oz)

Pack of 2

Perfect for snacks on the go or baby food storage
Pack of 2