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Our mothers/grandmothers used these on us!
  • Diaper Services use these, too.
  • Require waterproof cover.
  • The most durable of all diaper textiles - these will last 25 years, and make fantastic kitchen/cleaning rags post-diaper-days.

SMART IDEAS by our customers

"...My thought process while diapering is 'more bang for my buck". For me, a large supply of cotton prefolds and adjustable snap covers is how I diaper. Its the easiest route; cheap and efficient. I hate velcro covers, they just don't stand up to washings and the older the baby gets the easier it is for them to take the diaper off!
Diaper cover wise, I love Thirsties, I have one cover that I have used with my 2 year old since he was 6 months old! That is a deal....Make diapering convenient, efficient, and affordable. Otherwise, its not worth the time, energy and money."

-Caroline B 10/24/2012,
Reviewing the PRACTICALITY and SIMPLICITY of Prefolds and Covers.
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GroVia Bamboo Prefolds
Flip Bulk Stay Dry Inserts-NO PACKAGING-SINGLES
BumRite Price - Quantity Discounts Available $4.99

Flip Cover
BumRite Price - Quantity Discounts Available $14.95

GroVia Bamboo Prefold 3/pk
ENTER 'GROVIA10' for 10% off Expires 3/31 $8.95

Buy FLIP inserts in bulk without packaging.

BULK Pricing Available (discount will automatically calculate at Check Out):

6-11: 15% off
12-23: 20% off
24+: 25% off

The no mess, no fuss, no worries way to cloth diaper!

A great One-Size Diaper Cover for ANY absorbent inner
(prefold, FLIP insert, fitted)

HOOK/LOOP Style Only $12.95

BULK Pricing Available (discount will automatically calculate at Check Out):
*excludes limited release prints

4-11: 5% off
12+: 8% off

An economical absorbency option for use in your favorite GroVia Shell, cover, or pocket diaper. Versatile, easy to clean, silky soft and trim.
3 prefolds per pack. Priced according to size: $8.95 - $16.95.
55% Bamboo | 45% Organic Cotton

GroVia One Size Diaper Shell Kiwi Pie Pull on Wool Cover by GroVia OsoCozy Prefolds
GroVia Hybrid One Size Shell
ENTER 'GROVIA10' for 10% off Expires 3/31 $16.95

Kiwi Pie Pull on Wool Cover by GroVia
ENTER 'GROVIA10' for 10% off Expires 3/31 $39.00

A pull on style cover, that is pure, soft, and breathable. Our closure free design means maximum comfort for babies on the go. The Kiwi PieŠ line is proudly handmade in the United States using materials that are also milled here at home.

Newborn/Preemie 9.5"x13" $4/3pk
Infant Purple edged 12.5"x13.5" $6.25/3pk

Premium Red edged 14.5"x16" $9/3pk
Thirsties duo wrap
Rumparooz One Size Cover
BumRite Price $14.00

Thirsties Duo Wrap
BumRite Price $12.75

Double Gussets and Thick, Biodegradable TPU keep Poo in its Place!
The famous Thirsties Cover now grows with your baby!

Size 1: 6-18 lbs
Size 2: 18-40 lbs


Totally Low End homemade video on HOW TO use a prefold with a Snappi Fastener

The most economical of all available options. You can afford to buy 36 diapers to use for subsequent kids.
Remember to also purchase at least 5 covers in each size for laundry rotation.

My husband can't wait to use our prefolds on his car.