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We Love the Quality of the all the products from SLOOMB/Sustainable Babyish - but they are not selling well in our store and we have decided to delete the line from BumRite Diapers.


we love what we do. we care about what goes into our products. we care about what we leave behind for our kids. sustainablebabyish|sloomb♥tm was born out of the need for a better fit, a softer hand, & the desire to bring earth-friendly baby products in great colors to your home. we are committed to offering you a low impact, durable product for you & your children to love and enjoy. the life cycle of our products is important - most of our products are made by hand in the USA, by women who are paid fair wages and who care about what they make. most of our fabric is organic or an organic blend. we use low impact dyes. we recycle our fabric and donate seconds to communities in need. we have a paperless office - you will not receive paper receipts and extra packaging. your items will arrive safely and securely in 100% recycled mailers, no plastic. we expect our products to be given to another when your little ones outgrow them - they are made to last that long. you have a choice - there is a difference. together we are moving forward to bring about positive change, without leaving too much behind. sustainablebabyish|sloomb♥tm continues to look towards new, sustainable textiles and processes for hip and ethical solutions to diapering and clothing children, while leading the growing and diverse market in style and concept innovation.