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Historically THE best natural diaper material.

  • Overnight protection
  • Durable
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Breathable
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Sloomb Wool Always Love You Wool Care Kit Sloomb Wool Blanket 100% Merino Wool Sloomb knit wool covers feature double-layer knit with high rise
Sloomb Knit Wool Blankets
BumRite Price $100.00
Sloomb Knit Wool Covers
BumRite Price $48.00

Not sure where to start? This kit has it all! 100% Merino Wool. Ultimate Luxury. Ultimate Softness. Luxurious knit wool covers with a high rise - perfect overnight cover solution that breathes.
Sloomb Playwoolies - machine washable 100% merino wool leggings for 0-5T. Sloomb underwoolies 100% merino wool with double knit layer.
Sloomb Playwoolies
BumRite Price $60.00

Sloomb Underwoolies
BumRite Price $39.00
Machine washable 100% merino wool leggings for 0-5T A day-time favorite knit wool cover, Underwoolies are a must-have cover for natural diapering.