Better for Baby....Baby for the Earth!

Located in beautiful Napa, California, BumRite Diapers promotes natural parenting lifestyles through modern cloth diapers and eco-conscious baby goods.

Here at BumRite Diapers, we strive to create the ultimate customer experience for our clientele, minimize the confusion that can surround the cloth diapering learning curve and help create happy, healthy baby heinies one cloth diaper at a time! Modern cloth diapering is fun, better for baby AND planet and doesn't have to be either expensive or confusing. We're here to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way.

Every product sold at BumRite Diapers has been rigorously tested in our own household, on real babies, with real washing machines and real life circumstances. We are crazy particular about high quality standards. If it doesn't pass the test in our own home, it doesn't get sold on our site. We work tirelessly to find products that meet our demands for the highest quality, beautiful, modern design and eco-sustainable manufacturing practices. Rest assured we've already done the heavy lifting for you! We've tested almost every style and brand out there and have specifically selected the products offered on our site to meet all your cloth diapering and eco-conscious parenting needs. And since we're passionate about fluffy tushes and healthy babies around here, we're constantly exploring, testing and researching new products for your babes all the time. We know - awesome gig, right?

Better for Baby, Better for the Earth...and what is better than that?!

Cloth Diaper Baby Toes

BumRite Diapers was born in 2009 in Napa, CA by a passionate mama, Angela, who loved to "talk poop" and wanted to promote the use of modern cloth diapers that leave a baby's bum, the Earth and the parent's wallet in perfect harmony! BumRite Diapers quickly became a leading online retailer of cloth diapers, accessories and eco-sustainable baby goods, shipping cloth diapers all over the USA and world. In 2015, Angela passed on the BumRite torch to another eco-savvy Napa mama who was equally passionate about healthy bums. Elizabeth lives in Napa with her husband, Brett, and two children. When they aren't busy making poo fun one cloth diaper at a time, they can be found camping in their 1969 trailer, drinking Napa Valley wine and traveling all around the world.

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