Cloth Diaper Stains
Removing Cloth Diaper Stains

Sun. Your Diaper's Best Friend!!!

Stains are part of cloth diapering. No matter how well you wash or what type of detergent you use there will come a time when you find stains on your diapers. Don't panic!!! Staining does not mean that your diaper is not clean nor does it mean your diapers are ruined. If you find your diapers are stained you will discover the sun is your best remedy.

Why sun your diapers? The sun doesn't contain chemicals, works well and best of all is FREE. Direct sun is not required. Even on an overcast day, your diapers can benefit. Winter weather is no problem, just lay in front of a window. Even the worst stains can be completely bleached away with just a few hours in the sun.

We took some of the most stained diapers we could find (clean, but wet) and laid them in the sun for only 2 hours and the difference is AMAZING! So the next time your pristine diapers aren't looking so pristine put them out to sunbathe. You will be shocked!

To sun your diapers:

1) We recommend sunning your diapers 1-2 times per month.
2) Wash your diapers are you normally would.
3) While WET find a sunny spot to lay your diapers, inside up!
4) Allow them to "sunbathe" 2-3 hours.
5) If you live in an extremely hot climate, only allow your diapers to sun for 1 hour at a
    time.  Very high temperatures can melt elastic.