Recommended Laundry Detergents


There seems to be no ONE detergent that works for everyone. Different water types, machines and diaper stashes means that you will get a variety of recommendations for detergents. You can also go to just about any store and buy their store brand of detergent: Tide, Purex, and Gain, to name a few. ALL will clean your diapers well. Just stay away from detergents with lots of plant oils, fabric softeners or bleach.

Tiny Bubbles
Country Save
Mountain Green Baby
All Free and Clear (military version)

Dropps Scent and Dye Free
Boulder Eco Detergent
Ecos Free and Clear
Tide Free
Sun Free and Clear

There is a ridiculous amount of laundry information out there but here are our top diaper laundering tips. No, these tips are not on our care labels, but these are just good common sense rules of laundry:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use enough detergent
  • Warm or regular hot wash + one extra rinse is enough. If you have stinky diapers, they generally aren't getting clean.
  • "Stripping" should be needed rarely if at all. Tweak your detergent (switch brands or increase amounts) before thinking you need to strip your diapers! To get diapers clean you need to expose them to the proper concentration of detergent for at least 45-50 minutes.

You have to remember that diapers are garments that get peed and pooped in and need to get clean. You shouldn't need to baby them, but also know that they (especially cotton ones) will wear out over time.