Eco Friendly Hybrid Cloth Diaper
Eco Friendly Hybrid Cloth Diaper

What does the Empire State Building
have to do with diapers?

In a word: LOTS.

In the US, we throw away 20 BILLION disposable diapers annually. They are the third-largest source of household waste. And each one can take up to 500 years to decompose. At GroVia, we design and build durable products that cost-effectively replace "throw aways". Join us, and together we will change the world - one baby at a time.

What's in your disposable diaper?

Hybrid Cloth Diapers - Disposable Diaper Toxins

Sure doesn't sound baby-friendly.

Petroleum. Plastic. Bleaches. Dioxins. Artificial Fragrances. Trees.
Even if you ignore the environmental impacts of these ingredients - which we all know we shouldn't -none of these sound like things that should be anywhere in the vicinity of our babies.

What's in your cloth diaper?

Hybrid Cloth Diapers - In Your Cloth Diaper

You might be surprised.

One of the most-frequent questions we get - and rightfully so- is how do we do our waterproofing? Unlike some brands, we use a thermal lamination process in our diapers that is free of any solvents. Plus, we test to ensure the absence of formaldehyde. Yes, our approach is a little more expensive. But to know that our end product is safe and eco-friendly is a big deal to us!