Cloth Diaper Cost
Cloth Diaper Cost

Might as well save a bundle.

Hybrid Cloth Diapers - Cost Comparison

What will you do with the extra cash?

3 days at Disneyland? 2 months of groceries? A new car? No matter how you choose to spend it, the cost savings of cloth versus disposable is significant. As much as 75%. Even if you decide to use cloth diapers or hybrid cloth diapers only part of the time, you are going to save. Give it a try. You'll wonder why you ever used anything else.

How many will I need?

As with everything we do, the choice is yours.

By all means-try us out before you invest in a full supply. At the very least, you will want two Shells and two Soaker Pads. Add a small pack of Biosoakers to experience the entire flexibility of the system. And when you are ready to go "all in" with Hybrid cloth diapers, you will want at least 12 Shells and a mix of absorbency options for 24 or more diaper changes.

Cost Comparison

Hybrid Cloth Diapers - Hybrid Comparison

Full-time cloth diapering.*

Don't sacrifice quality for cost savings. The innovative system design of the Hybrid cloth diaper typically allows for multiple wears between washes. That means you will need fewer Shells than with brands that use outdated designs. These cost-saving innovations, combined with industry-best materials used throughout, make the Hybrid the best value on the market.