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MODIFIED GroVia Live Package

BumRite Diapers GroVia Live Package

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Modified GroVia Live It Package (no boosters) includes:

12 GroVia Shells
24 GroVia Snap-in NO PREP Microfiber Soakers

2-pack Stay Dry Boosters

BumRite Price $427.80

GroVia Shell Colors

GroVia Shell Color 1:

GroVia Shell Color 2:

GroVia Shell Color 3:

GroVia Shell Color 4:

GroVia Shell Color 5:

GroVia Shell Color 6:

GroVia Shell Color 7:

GroVia Shell Color 8:

GroVia Shell Color 9:

GroVia Shell Color 10:

GroVia Shell Color 11:

GroVia Shell Color 12:
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SOLD OUT. But we still have individual GroVia products left on sale.
Details BumRite Experience Care and Content
SOLD OUT.  But we still have individual GroVia products left on sale.
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We love the GroVia system and used it on our own son!

GroVia's Hybrid Diapering system is quite possibly the most flexible and stylish available. Flexible because you get to decide what you put inside your GroVia one-size Shell, cloth or eco-friendly disposable. Simple, modern, and one giant step towards a smaller "footprint".

Fits 8 to 30 lbs

Hybrid Shell Product Info


  • Snap into your favorite GroViaŽ Shell.
  • Change Stay Dry Soaker Pad as needed and Shell when soiled.

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Great, Lasting Set - StayDry November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Lauren T from United States  
My husband and I bought this package for our first son, and we have loved it! It really is a "lifetime" set! Our first son, who is now two and a half, used them from 13lbs all the way to potty training! The quality and durability of these diapers are fantastic! Now, they are waiting to be used by our second son, who is 7 weeks old and just about ready to fit into them! This package is beyond worth it!

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Can't Say Anything Bad - StayDry November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Bonnie from United States  
I am a first time mom and was doing a lot of research on which cloth diapers to use. I talked to quite a few people who all used different brands. I was really unsure of which brand/kind to go with, but decided to go with this package (my husband liked the hybrid idea of the shell and soaker pad). I could not be happier with these diapers. Granted I haven't used any other brands and really haven't used disposables all that much either, but I am so glad that we got these.
We used newborn disposables for the first two weeks after my daughter was born, so we started using these when she was about 9 or 10lbs. They seemed pretty bulky at first, but now it doesn't seem that bad.
Prepping the diapers is probably where most people 'fail' if they are having leaks. I ended up getting Tide Free detergent after trying to make my own; we used the diapers with my homemade detergent and had horrible leaks. But once I prepped with the Tide, they have been fantastic. We have only had a handful of blowouts, where we had to change her pants and everything. I really love these diapers.
I got the snap closures because I figured the velcro would wear out quicker. I love the snaps because I always know what size to snap them to, even if baby is being squirmy I know the diaper is on snug- not sure how well that would work with the velcro.
It amazes me how dry her bum is after I take off a soaking wet diaper! I use the cotton inserts at night since she goes 6-8 hrs and I love those as well! Keeps her nice and dry!
I pretty much love everything about these diapers. I really can't think of anything bad about them- maybe the prepping, but its not a big deal if you do it right the first time (which I did not do).
I wanted to write a review about my experience so someone else like me can have as much info as possible!!

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Best Choice For Us - StayDry November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Nicole from United States  
I bought this package along with the 12pk of organic hybrids, and while I love organic fibers, these worked out better for us. They don't wear as easily (in my opinion) and seem to stain less (or its just less noticeable). We ended up liking the stay dry more that we have 2 stay dry live packages and just one organic, with 36 covers, it makes for a great stash!

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Great Place to Start - StayDry November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Amanda from United States  
This package really got us off to a great start with cloth diapering. People seem nervous about clothe diapering because they think it's too much work but the Hybrid system is seriously so easy to use and this package made sure we had everything we needed for a great experience

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Great Package - StayDry November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Kristin from United States  
I purchased this package and love it. I did purchase 10 more soaker pads though just to have a larger rotation, my daughter is a heavy wetter and we have only had leaks when she was in her diaper for a prolonged amount of time!

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